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Reaping the Harvest of Excellence

Reaping the Harvest of Excellence
Written by
Claire Burdett

Happy First Birthday to Wikizine and to us as well over at The Media Marketing Co, as we also turned a year old this summer. As with Wikizine, we immediately hit a ‘sweet spot’ and have likewise seen a lot of growth and change in the year since we started - all of it for the good.

As a harvest time baby myself, I always think there is something very special about celebrating a birthday at this time of year. It always feels far much of a ‘proper’ New Year than the post Christmas period, with more to celebrate and a far crisper, fresh start sort of feeling about it, probably because it’s fulfilling on so many levels, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual: the time when harvest is bought in and the celebrations in all spiritual beliefs that go with that, the time the seasons turn again and the time school restarts.

Over the summer I always find myself reflecting on the past year and what has pleased me and what hasn’t, what I want to change and what is fine just the way it is. A birthday is a time of assessment and reflection, and sets the course of where you want to be by the next 12-month marker.

For both Wikizine and The Media Marketing Co there has been a lot to celebrate, foremost of which is the fact that we both launched in the middle of the worse recession in (pretty much) living memory and yet against this bleak background, both have thrived and grown and prospered. Our emphasis on getting the most from a marketing budget so each element of a campaign works and reworks with and for every other, and using social as well as traditional and digital media to create brand impact is already paying off in a major way as a corporate blog we created and maintain for one of our clients has just been shortlisted for a ‘Best Corporate Blog’ Digital Award, to be announced mid September - finger’s crossed they/we win!

It’s a truism that nothing much can be expected of a company in its first year. Well Wikizine and The Media Marketing Co both stand to prove that simply isn’t the case – even in hard times, exceptional excellence and innovative ideas shine through.

So, Happy Birthday To Us All and here’s the Next Exciting Year!

© Claire Burdett www.themediamarketingco.com


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