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Wikivorce Awards Winners 2013-14

Wikivorce Awards Winners 2013-14

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Annual Awards:

 Best Professional:

Charles – For the fourth consecutive year, Charles is a worthy winner of this award. He has once again been recognised by the Wikivorce community for his on-going commitment and endless depth of knowledge on a wide variety of issue; his posts are often peppered with dry wit, bringing some much-needed light relief to a very serious subject.

LittleMrMike – Mike is a retired solicitor, and brings not only his immense understanding of family law and housing issues to Wikivorce, he also takes time to respond to members in great detail, always in plain English enabling the layperson to understand complex issues.

General Finance:

LittleMrMike: Mike has been a member of Wikivorce for 7 years now, and gives up a lot of his time to offer advice and information to members with clarity and in-depth knowledge.

WYSPECIAL: Wyspecial is a first-time winner of this award; he has consistently answered posts with good information and with a quiet calmness. He is has in-depth knowledge of the child maintenance system and is able to answer questions across the broad base of financial issues.

General Divorce:

Nowheretoturnl: Nowheretoturnl has stayed on after her own divorce to help and assist others. She regularly answers posts with great clarity and has a wonderful knack of explaining complex issues clearly so that the layperson is able to understand them. Her strong knowledge of the divorce procedure means that many people benefit from her solid and balanced advice and help.

Fiona: Fiona is one of the most senior and valuable members of the Wikivorce community, having been a member since the beginning. Her knowledge of family law is detailed and far-ranging and her assistance of members generous and unstinting, with over 12,000 informative and supportive posts. Family law is a complex and constantly changing field of study, but Fiona somehow manages to stay on top of it; long may she continue to do so!


Forseti: Forseti is a third time winner of this award; he has an unrivalled knowledge of child-related matters, and has helped many members through the distressing and difficult issues surrounding contact and residence with high-quality advice and information, including helping litigants in person to represent themselves in Court. He has also written a number of guides/articles For Wikivorce on issues relating to children.

U6c00: U6 has helped many people who are self-representing through contact and residence cases, his extensive knowledge and calm reassurance has been recognised by the community. He has also helped many litigants in person to represent themselves in Court by explaining procedure and providing the information they need to present he best case possible.


Nowheretoturnl: Since joining Wikivorce NWTT has helped hundreds of members both with her experience and knowledge, the lady has extensive knowledge of contested finances and pensions, all of which is secondary to her in-depth knowledge of F1 motor sport, a valuable asset to Wikivorce indeed.

Ian Conlon Actuary: For the third year running, Ian has won this category. He is an actuary and has strong experience of pensions on divorce which he has willingly shared with our members to cast some much needed light on this complex area.


Dukey: Dukey provides an incredible amount of advice and assistance to Wikivorce 'litigants in person' via the forums (he has posted over 13,500 posts); he has also written a number of articles and guides for Wikivorce, which have helped countless people. He lives in a different universe from the rest of us where a day has 48 hours. Nothing else can explain the number of hours he spends assisting countless Wiki members whilst still managing to do his day job, and eat and sleep, watch cricket and pop to Asda

Nowheretoturnl: Nowheretoturnl regularly answers posts from those who are self-representing, providing them with valuable and concise information to help them navigate the maze of court procedure. Her knowledge of complex financial matters means that by sharing it with others, many people are better able to represent themselves and know what to expect in Court.

Best Blogger:

Vastra1: Vsatra1 is a regular blogger, sharing her journey through her separation; her blogs often have a poetic touch, and strike a cord with many reading them. She also spends a lot of time leaving comments on others’ blogs, offering support and advice.

Nigella19: Nigella is a regular contributor to the blogging area; she regularly leaves supportive, emphatic (and often amusing) comments on blogs. Her support and care of others shows her compassionate nature.

Most Supportive:

Marshy: Marshy has been a member for about 7 years now, and his continuing honest, down-to-earth advice and support to those who are struggling to come to terms with separation/divorce has helped thousands of people. He has inspired many with his pearls of wisdom and observations about life and relationships.

Mitchum: Mitchum gives a great deal of support to members, often "behind the scenes" and is always willing to listen, whatever the problem. She is often the welcoming “face” of Wikivorce; her kind and gentle support of others is warm and compassionate. Mitchum is also a member of TeamWiki, and works tirelessly to keep the site running smoothly.

Afonleas Crazycatwoman: Afon is a great inspiration, her positive attitude proving there truly is life after divorce. Her care and support of others helps many, many people

Outstanding Contribution:

Hawaythelads: Haway has been a member of Wikivorce for almost 7 years, he a true Wiki-star, who in addition to making funny quips, also sends a great deal of time offering refreshingly honest support and advice to a great many Wiki members - Wiki is a much brighter place because of Haway. His continuing commitment to helping Wikivorce members and significant contribution is humbling.

Marshy: Marshy has made an outstanding contribution to Wikivorce; he has helped and supported many, many members. His support and advice to others over the years has benefited Wiki-members enormously and helped many people be able to move forwards in life. He is a true Wiki-gem who selflessly gives up his time for the benefit of others.

Rubytuesday: Ruth is one of our long standing members who works tirelessly both on the forum and the helpline along with her role as community manager, for over six years Ruth has shared her experience and knowledge as a paralegal with all who need it, she is a true asset to Wikivorce.

Mitchum: Mitchum is another long-standing member who has stayed on to help others. She is always quick to welcome members to Wikivorce, and offers many members support with gentle, empathic words. She also works hard behind the scenes as a member of TeamWiki. Wikivorce is a much better place because of Mitchum’s considerable contribution.


Hawaythelads: For the fourth year running, HRH retains his Crown as Wikivorce’s resident funny-man, his humour and wit is one of a kind and he can diffuse a contentious thread with a few pearls of his humorous wisdom – all Hail His Royal Hawayness, Long live the King.

ElizaDoolittle: Is Eliza the young usurper waiting in the wings to steal HRH’s Crown of Comedy? Her witty and comedic posts about her life have many wikis laughing out loud but also empathising with her.


LittleMrMike: Mike has provided thousands of very useful and comprehensive answers to questions on the forum. The amount of effort that he puts in to helping others without a thought for himself is truly humbling. He has also taken the time to share his knowledge by writing a number of comprehensive and informative guides on such matters as Spousal Maintenance, Housing Options and What to Consider before Separating.

Fiona: Fiona is like a walking encyclopaedia; her knowledge on various matters of family law (on both sides of the border) is often better than a solicitor or barrister. Based on the astonishing number of replies posted, as well as the high quality of each and every reply, Fiona is the undisputed queen when it comes to the provision of good advice and information on divorce.

Special Achievement:

Hollyxxx: Holly is a relatively new member having joined just a few months ago. Her up-beat and positive posts have been a breath of fresh air on the forum; and her thread “Something Positive” is now over 115 pages long (the longest in Wikivorce history!), and is helping many members finding something good in each day.

Shoegirl: Shoegirl has stayed on to help others through the emotional trauma of separation/divorce; with her wise words and positive attitude, she has inspired many members with her own story and given all-important hope to others that they will get through their own situation.

TeamWiki Recognition Awards: These members have been chosen by TeamWiki in recognition of their support and continuing commitment to Wikivorce and our members:

MrsMathisFun: Mrs Mathsisfun is a long-term member, who regularly goes through the “unanswered posts” pages, bumping posts up to the top of the forum list, ensuring that those who are seeking help and advice receive the help they need. She regularly shares her experiences of dealing with issues relating to children and family life as a separated parent and now a step-parent.

Pixy: Pixy has been around a long time at Wikivorce, helping others to reach a better place. She tirelessly greets new members and supporting them, making them feel at home and very welcome. She also has a great sense of humour, and this shines through in some of her posts, putting members at ease and providing a chuckle or three.

TBagpuss: TBagpuss has been a member for around 5 years now, Wikivorce is very lucky to have the benefit of her extensive knowledge and experience in family law and she often gives solid, balanced advice on parenting situations, often diffusing what is about to become a hostile situation for the poster – her calm, gentle approach to such advice has helped many, many members over the years.

WhiteRose: WhiteRose is a long-term Wikivorce member, who has given up a great deal of her free time to assist and support others, as well as being part of the moderating team. Over the past year and a half, she has worked hard at revitalising the Wikivorce online magazine, making it a great resource of varied and informative articles for our members. She has a calming influence on the forum and makes sure that questions are answered and new members are welcomed.

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