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Parenting with Intent

Divorced parents can still share visions for their children if they are willing. An excellent article about co-parenting highlights the need for parents who are no longer together to build a vision, to negotiate and then be accountable for their actions.

Preserving The Marriage ‘For the Sake of the Children’

Few parents take the decision to separate or divorce lightly. But the number of children who lose touch with one of their parents post breakup is huge: according to Amelia Hill in the Observer on 20 July 2008 "Almost a third of children never see one of their parents again after a family breakdown, with one in five losing contact as soon as the non-resident parent - usually the father - leaves home."

Holiday tips for single parents

Laura Sutherland writes frequently about family travel for numerous publications, and is the author of Great Caribbean Family Vacations and Tropical Family Vacations. It's just you and the children...alone together again, and this time on holiday. Laura Sutherland explains how single parents can make the most of the family break.

The hundreds of questions...

... children have in divorce. Our new feature writer, Naomi Richards, guides our readers on a child's perspective. Naomi works as a life coach, working with children. Your child is going to have hundreds of questions about what you and daddy are going to do now you don’t want to live together.

Divorce: When Kids Can Get More

The above title is from Susie Orbach's book 'Emotional Literacy’. The author writes about the advantages fathers with contact can have in developing different and better relationships with their children post divorce:

Christmas For Divorced Parents

Regular writer Linda Franklin talks about her experience of Christmas as a divorced parent. Christmas can be a real problem for the divorced, particularly in the first few years until you work out a way of doing it that suits you. 

Yours not back at school yet.... ?

Upstairs my 10 year old is practising his cornet and driving his 8 year old brother insane with the racket – which is the main reason so much music practice has come willingly from a boy who only today suggested we advertise the youngest on Ebay for 10p, with free postage.

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse!

By Breakup Angels' expert Kirsten Gronning, in collaboration with Greg Downing. Living under the same roof as the former partner you’re divorcing for 18 months is enough to make any seemingly rational parent want to leave home.

The Kids will Out the Truth in Time

How far are you willing to go to ensure that you have the lion’s share of time with your children?  Do you absolutely know for a fact that it is in their interest?  Do you give any thought or consideration to the other parent, their feelings and their intention for fighting against what you believe is the right answer?

Relocating Abroad With Children After Divorce

For most children when parents split up they will remain in the house they grew up in or they move house within the same geographical area or within the same country.

Children: A Context for Divorce in Modern Society

The world is changing.... fast! The societal context for children with divorcing parents bears little resemblance to that of the parents divorcing...

Why Can’t Parents Behave Like Grown-Ups?

Arguments and tension between parents can make children feel guilty, angry, and alone. Trying to make the children take sides or turn against the other parent creates confusion for the children and places them in the middle of an adult struggle. 

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