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The Worst Thing About Divorce

The worst thing - by far and away - has been dealing with schools on my own. Which is the last thing I would have expected because I loved the whole school experience and was a bit of a hit with the teachers being compliant, hard-working and always near the top academically (we'll draw a veil over the sports stuff...).

Keeping In Touch With The 'Out-laws'

This month, our Wikizine Parents talk about how they retain the contact with their extended families after divorce.

Single Parents in Dialogue: Adjusting to Solo

A new and exclusive feature in Wikizine this month: 'Parents in Dialogue'. In talking with each other and comparing thoughts and views, month by month, the team of 'Wikizine Parents' will share their experiences with our readers.

The Aftermath Of Telling The Kids You're Divorcing...

What reaction can I expect from my small children when I tell them we’re separating and in the months following? While no child wants to hear that their parents are breaking up, children often have predictable responses when you tell them that you are separating that relate to their developmental stage.

Please Don’t Make Me Do Your Dirty Work.

Often in the case of parent separation, parents use their child to convey messages between themselves and the other parent so they don’t actually have to speak directly with them. A young child will be willing to do this because they want to please the parent and it can make them feel important.

The Positive Parent - Confident Kids Parenting Plan

A practical solution to sharing the parenting of your children after splitting up. Divorce changes a family but it doesn’t end a family. So it might be helpful for you to step back from your current situation and think about things from a different perspective.

I Still Need More Emotional Security

When their parents separate, children feel that their world, their security and the stability that they have always known is falling apart. They are going through a huge emotional process and experience so many different feelings during the journey of living with two parents and then having to live with one.

Successful Parents Use Three Interchangeable Words!

The three magic words that will transform your parenting success are: Creative, flexible and imaginative - and the beauty is that they are virtually interchangeable!

Why the Courts Are Failing To Protect Children from Child Abuse

What is Parental Alienation? Joseph Goldberg is the Founder of The Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome (C.S.P.A.S.). He is also a consultant advising parents and Family Law lawyers in the matters that pertain to Parental Alienation child abuse.

The Positive Effects of Divorce on Children

Most people think that there is nothing positive about divorce as the negative effects are more obvious and talked about. Of course there is going to be some turbulence and adjustment for the whole family and in some parental separation the process is harrowing, exhausting and a long drawn out one but sometimes divorce can be the best thing for everyone involved.

New Beginnings

Every relationship will have its ups and downs as relationships need nurturing but I think it’s helpful and to ask yourself these questions if you think you’re ready for another relationship after becoming divorced or separated.

How to Succeed as a Single Parent:  Where Do We Go From Here?

Children can assess the temperature of our moods with alarming accuracy, no matter what their age.