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How to Tell Your Children that You’re Getting Divorced.

Our new feature writer for parents is Sue Atkins. Sue shares her experience with Wikizine readers. I have been working with a wonderful group of parents who are all going through a divorce and one of their main worries was how to tell the children about what was going to happen and what to actually say to them.

What Do Children Really Want For Christmas...?

Christmas is a very religious time for some and not for others but for all it is a time for families being together. For parents that have recently split this time is incredibly difficult for the main reason of when they are going to see their children but also what can they buy their children that is going to be better than the other parent.

Navigating through Divorce

A bad marriage can make parenting – and life in general – stressful. The loss of the family structure can be very upsetting and distressing for everyone involved in the major change.

Can Sole Parents Ever Really Be 'Single'?

Suzy Miller writes for Wikizine on parenting. I've just read the Times article "The Step Family Files: dealing with new partners" and all the upset, indignation and confusion that is reflected in the comments.

How Do I Get My Child To Talk To Me About What’s Going On?

It can be hard to get your child to open up to you at the best of times but when you are going through parent separation it is more essential. Children need to communicate to you how they feel about the situation so that you can help them manage and understand those feelings. There are potentially lots of changes going on in their lives which they will need to talk to you about.

Is it my fault?

Children may think it is their fault but of course its not. Mum and dad somehow cannot live with each other so they have to live apart. Ask your children, ‘what do you think would happen if we stay together? Would you want mum and dad to feel upset/angry etc. with each other and how would they feel hearing them possibly argue or shout because they both did not want to live together anymore?

The Story of a Non Resident Mother

My husband and I were married for 10 years – during most of those years I was unhappy. We have one daughter who was 8 at the time of separation.

First Christmas As Separated Parents

It’s your first Christmas as separated parents. What must you avoid to make it work for the kids and yourself?

What Happens When Mum Or Dad Meets Someone New?

I think there is always a nagging worry in a child's mind after mum and dad have split up that mum or dad may meet someone else in the future. Children feel very protective of their parents and are generally not going to want someone to fill their absent mum or dads shoes. However, a younger child may be more accepting of having a ‘father figure’ around.

The holiday’s over.. And there won’t be another

'Never again am I doing that.' 'I really don’t want a summer holiday like that again.' If these two thoughts have gone through your mind over the past 3 months, you won't be alone. The first Monday in September is apparently the second most common day for making a decision about a very unhappy relationship, second to the Monday after the New Year.

I Hate My New Family What Can I Do?

Our resident expert on coaching for children, Naomi Richards, talks to us about blended families... It’s really hard when you have two families coming together with a mum, dad and children from previous marriages and there will always be issues and problems to solve initially and along the way.

How to behave like the parent when you’d rather be a child

Most parents agree their children's best interests come first - so why is it that these are often overlooked by their parents when their relationship goes sour? Why do some children sail through their parent's breakup and others remain scarred for a very long time? I have heard the following said: 'Approx one third of children after divorce are very well; one third are okay and one third are not okay.'