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Sophie Stays At Daddy's House

Sophie Stays At Daddy's House
Written by
Guest Author

A short story by Ruth Mackay, this book is aimed at the under-7s, and is about a little girl going to stay at Dad's house for a contact weekend. Today was Friday, Sophie was very excited as her daddy was picking her up from nursery. She missed him as he had his own house now, and she only saw him at weekends.

She and Mummy packed her Tinkerbelle bag with pyjamas, a toothbrush, clean clothes and Special Rabbit With One Ear.

Mummy dropped Sophie off at nursery, gave her a big hug and said “Have a lovely time with Daddy”.

Nursery was lots of fun that day, they made fairy cakes, Sophie put lots of sprinkles on hers, and hid it in her coat pocket as a surprise for Daddy.

When nursery was over, Mrs Jenkins opened the classroom door and Sophie ran out, and straight to her Daddy who was waiting with her coat and bag.

They cuddled lots and chatted as they walked to the car. Sophie remembered the cake she had made was still in her coat pocket, she took it out and gave it to Daddy. He was delighted, and shared the cake with her.

The roads Daddy drove on were different from the roads Mummy took to go home, Sophie didn't see the shop where Mr Fowler gave her a sweet on a Saturday, or the library where she went for stories with Mummy. Instead she saw lots of new places and buildings, she saw a large park, an old church and a river with ducks swimming on it. Daddy said that the next morning they could go and feed the ducks.

Soon they stopped outside Daddy's house. Daddy helped Sophie out of her car seat, and took her hand as he unlocked the red front door. He switched on the lights, and led Sophie into the house.

Sophie's bedroom was pretty, there was a Princess duvet on the bed, and a special lamp that turned into a torch. There were some Princess pictures on the wall. Best of all, there were the toys she and Daddy played with.

Daddy unpacked her Tinkerbelle bag, putting her clothes away in the wardrobe, and in the bathroom next door he placed her toothbrush in the mug next to his. Sophie put Special Rabbit With One Ear in her bed.

“I'm hungry” said Sophie.

“ok, how about pizza and salad?” said Daddy.

Later after tea, they played a game and did a jigsaw together. Sophie told Daddy about everything they had done at nursery, especially when Robert pulled her pigtails. They looked out some food to feed the ducks with in the morning – tasty oats and some bread.

Soon it was bathtime, daddy put lots of bubbles in the water, so many that they spilled on the floor, this made Sophie laugh. While she sat in the very bubbly bath, Daddy got the mop out and cleaned up the bubbly floor.

When Sophie was dry and in her pyjamas, She snuggled up on Daddy's lap and read books with him. Soon she started to feel sleepy, and yawned.

“bedtime for you” said Daddy.

“one more story, please” asked Sophie.

As Daddy read her the story, Sophie fell asleep, sucking her thumb.

Daddy gently kissed her hair, and carried her through to her bed, where he tucked her in beside Special Rabbit With One Ear, and turned on her night light.

“Goodnight Sophie” he whispered.

Sophie said nothing, she was fast asleep, dreaming of ducks swimming in a very bubbly bath.

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