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Book Review: Love Lose Live: Divorce Is A Rollercoaster by Mary Banham-Hall

'Love Lose Live' is a window on divorce and family breakdown in our time. It is the mad, sad, bad and hilarious story of the Bailey family’s separation. We witness the grief, but also the recovery and moving on to new lives.

In a thought-provoking Afterword, Mary Banham-Hall explains with clarity and insight the different stages of loss and grief which follow separation. As a highly experienced family lawyer and mediator, she advocates resolution processes which focus on the needs of the whole family.

How Wikivorce Helped Me

One of our long-standing Scottish members, Biffy talks about how Wiki helped her. The best thing about Wikivorce is the people who make up our community.

Amour No More

What happens when love in a foreign country goes wrong? At first he was a romantic stranger with sultry accent that made you go weak at the knees. You were a young, successful career woman ,ready to be seduced just like any “femme fatale’ should be. Oh this is so like the movies. Your friends all envious at your international jetset lifestyle, flipping between countries just to sneak a few passionate moments with your beau. Flowers. Chocolates. Life’s a peach!

Meet The Divorce Doctor

Meet Francine Kaye, our new feature writer for Wikizine. As one of the most experienced relationship coaches in the UK, Francine is the relationship expert for the Channel 5 programme The Wright Stuff, appears on The Trisha show, GMTV and is featured in and writes for national magazines, the press and is a guest on national radio.

Conflict in Child Contact

Divorce Coach Rhiannon Ford responds to a request from a mother feeling bullied by her ex husband, who demands to see more of their young child via angry solicitor’s letters.

Divorced... On The Internet!

Meet bubbly Beverly Horton, who’s a mental health nurse, mum-of-three and, more unusually, Scotland’s first online divorcee.

Impenetrable Barriers: Learning From the Pain

The barriers you put up, well constructed, impenetrable and as strong as iron, protect you from the hurt and disassociate you from the pain. Suzy writes a letter to an ex-partner: You separate yourself from others who love you with such adeptness that it’s hard not to be impressed - pulling back your emotional connection from them and winding it in like a rope to stash in the hold, so that you no longer need to see or feel anything that once connected you to them.

Keep On Kissing - Antidote for the DivorceFactor

Nicholas Alexander began writing a diary when he started his divorce. This month, Nicholas talks frankly to Wikizine readers about what he's learned. If I could offer you only one piece of advice for your future, to keep on kissing and being affectionate, would be it. Don’t stop the kissing and affection.


Introducing Professor Carrie Paechter Goldsmiths, University of London who is a longstanding Wikivorce member. Carrie has a very special project in mind and tells Wikizine all about it: It started with my divorce…

How I survived Divorce

Wikivorce's Community Manager, Ruth Mackay, tells us how she survived divorce... When my now ex-husband left us, I had the grand total of 74p in my purse, and very little in the way of food in my cupboards. The previous day had been Christmas Day.

Wikivorce Awards

This year, for the first time at Wikivorce, special awards will go out to those of its members who have made an outstanding contribution to its community.

When Divorce Gets In The Way Of Family

Wikivorce member Roger tells us about his ordeal of taking his son on holiday, during a difficult divorce. My ex stopped contact with my son when my partner and her children aged (12, 10 and 5 at the time) moved in with me, (in her words... ‘as soon as she moves in with her kids I will stop contact’) which she duly did. Me and my partner had been together a while but decided that paying for two homes was silly.