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Divorced... On The Internet!

Divorced... On The Internet!
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Meet bubbly Beverly Horton, who’s a mental health nurse, mum-of-three and, more unusually, Scotland’s first online divorcee.

  • “My ex husband, Naz, and I both disagree about what went wrong in our marriage,” explains Beverly, 38.
  • “But when it ended, what I really wanted was closure.
  • “Naz and I were both mental health nurses.
  • “We moved from Essex to Caithness for a better quality of life and a good upbringing for our girls, Hannah, 16, Sarah, 14, and Alicia, 13.
  • “And when our relationship broke down I was incredibly sad. We’d been married for 16 years and I really wanted it to work.
  • “We had spent so many happy times together but in the last few years, it was obvious that it just wasn’t working.
  • “We both have our own ideas about what went wrong but, ultimately, our relationship broke down – there’s no denying that.
  • “I moved out of the family home and, after a while, we both signed a separation agreement.
  • “The agreement took six or seven months to complete and that alone was hard enough.
  • “Once it was finalised and firmly put in place, divorce just seemed to be the next logical progression.
  • “I contacted solicitors to enquire about a divorce and was quoted thousands of pounds, which I couldn’t afford.
  • “I was a newly-single mum and just barely scraping by so I accepted the fact that divorce was probably a long way off. But what I really wanted was an end to it all.
  • “I wanted to move on. “It wasn’t until we came to sell the family home that one of the solicitors suggested an online divorce.
  • “I hadn’t really thought such a thing was possible in Scotland, especially when I had children under 16.
  • “But once I learned more, I jumped at the chance.
  • “The solicitor, Bruce de Wert, had pioneered MyScottishDivorce – a new online divorce service.
  • “I logged on to the site later that night and, before I knew it, I was applying for a divorce on the internet!
  • “It wasn’t difficult at all and, within eight days, I was divorced.
  • “It was so fast and only cost me a fraction of the cost of a conventional divorce. I was really impressed and couldn’t quite believe that I was finally free.
  • “Something that should have taken up to three months only took eight days – it was unbelievable!
  • “I kept reading and re-reading my Decree Absolute to make sure it was real, but it definitely was.
  • “I was divorced – legally and professionally.
  • “Now it’s just a case of rebuilding my life.
  • “But I’m a determined little thing, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!”

About MyScottishDivorce

MyScottishDivorce is the brainchild of solicitor Bruce de Wert – designed to save clients a significant amount of money and speed up what is usually an expensive and long drawn out divorce process. It means that everything can be done online, from filling out the basic details to specific settlement requirements.

There’s a fixed fee and no need to meet with a divorce lawyer – a unique new process that, until now, has never been available before.

To find out more, go to www.myscottishdivorce.co.uk Words by Lynda Hamilton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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