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Wikivorce Scotland - One Year on!

When I first started looking for accessible, easy-to-understand information on Scottish Divorce Law, all I could find was information that was either out-of-date or written in “legalese”.

How I Spent My Christmas

Gary is one of our very own members of Wikivorce. Last year he did something a little special with his time and shares his experience with Wikizine...


Moving On...

Wikivorce's very own Andy Hawkes tells us his experience of marriage, divorce... and style! As a guy who is always ribbed about his sexuality from”wikipeeps” (I’m very heterosexual by the way!) I think I must be the only straight guy in the world who likes clothes shopping! 

Moaning About Men...?

Sue Hedges and Angie Savchenko talk to us about their highly successful online Social Community for Women. Angie Savchenko and I were sitting in the pub having a good chat and a glass of wine when I told her about my idea for a website. "Loads of women have lonely lives, and can't get out for one reason or another - we should set up a website where they can meet".

Brian Inkster and Nicola Walls: Argentina Global Village Challenge

Wikizine brings you an update on it's September report: ‘Scottish Solicitors to Build Homes for Charity’. The Scottish Solicitor in question, Brian Inkster, and his wife, Nicola Walls, returned from Argentina earlier this month having completed their Global Village Challenge for Habitat for Humanity. Brian now tells Wikizine about the experience:

Scottish Solicitors to Build Homes for Charity

Brian Inkster, of Inksters Solicitors, and his wife, Nicola Walls (an Architect with Page \ Park) are going to Argentina in November to assist with the building of homes for families living in poverty. Working for the charity Habitat for Humanity they will be building alongside other volunteers and with 'stakeholder' families who will eventually live in the houses.

Coming To Terms With The Loss Of A Child...

Christmas a time for presents, decorations, food and getting together with the family but what happens when your family is ripped apart by a bereavement. All bereavements are difficult but how does it change a family when it is a child?

The Opportunities of Divorce

For our 30th wedding anniversary Martin and I went on a trip of a life time to India. We went as independent travellers and when I researched the trip I found out about a charity called Children Walking Tall. I thought then, that when I retired or if I won the lottery I’d love to work there as a volunteer.

Is Marriage Itself In Crisis?

Author Mike Buchanan writes exclusively for Wikizine on his new book 'The Marriage Delusion: the fraud of the rings?' Mike Buchanan's 4th book looks at the relevance of marriage in a 21st Century society.

Why I Chose To Represent Myself

For this issue, our Editors interviewed Wikivorce member Sarah-Jane Wood, on her experience of the divorce process:

How I survived Cross Dressing in my Marriage

Our reader was 27 when she married her 22 year old husband; they separated after two and a half years. During that time, amongst the many issues a marriage can bring, she had to cope with her new husband’s cross-dressing proclivity. In the following interview, our reader talks frankly about her experience of this very challenging topic:

Self Representation in Divorce

Richard Green has been a member of Wikivorce for more than a year. He told us his experience of Self Representation in his divorce process: