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Wikizine - Regulars

Down at the End of Lonely Street

A friend gave me this advice recently, advice from a writer intended to help me to develop my own writing and to push myself into new places. Hmmm, there might be one slight problem with that: what the hell could I be scared to write about?

Badmouthing’ – to do or not to do?

This month, our Wikizine Parents talk about how they cope when talking to their children about their Ex.

Solo Parenting At Christmas

This month our resident Wikizine Parents share their experiences of solo-parenting as we begin the approach to Christmas...

April's Issue From Down Under...

This month, I'm publishing Wikizine from Australia... My schedule has been very tight this month since I'm taking a working holiday in Sydney. Armed with my trusty laptop, this intrepid traveller set off for the other side of the world. 

Happy Birthday Wikizine!

This month, Wikizine proudly celebrates its First Birthday as an online magazine. When we launched Wikizine last summer, little did we know how prolific our writers would be, writing inspiring articles on how to manage relationship crises, separation, divorce, parenting, dating... in short, everything you need to know about starting life over.

Parents in Dialogue: Taking a 'Holiday'!

This month our Wikizine Parent team look at the challenges and rewards of taking the kids on holiday as a solo parent...

Parents in Dialogue: One Year On...

This month our Parents in Dialogue reflect on their experiences of the past year: the ups and downs and the bits in between... In the midst of a relationship or family breakdown you can see no future – you are wrapped up in the pain and intensity of the moment – your own overwhelming hurt and the desperate confusion of your children. You can barely breathe.

How Times Change...

Are you a parent going solo? Having problems with your children and don't know where to turn? When I first divorced, my children were very young (a baby and a toddler) - there was no internet, no 'Starting Over' magazines supporting the journey, no network... divorce was still a stigma. A lonely place. 

Editor In Brief

Summer is here and this month Wikizine brings you lots of new writers to help you tackle those issues you just can't seem to find a solution to. The big deal in Westminster recently was the Debate for Fathers, co-hosted by our very own 'Parents in Dialogue' writer, Bob Greig. Natasha Phillips chaired the debate and has written a summary for our readers.

The Elusive Spark...

Its like looking for the dating equivalent of the Holy Grail but does it exist? What am I talking about? The elusive spark!!!! We all look for it in some form or another when meeting potential partners for the first time, some people absolutely insist on it being there whereas others are more patient and for them the spark is more of a slow burner than an instant inferno.

Watching Children Grow Up

This month our Parents in Dialogue discuss their experiences of how they feel on realising their children are growing up and becoming young adults...

Who Are You Good Enough For?

A few weeks ago someone said to me ‘you’re too good for me’... It reminded me of when I used to believe the same thing of some guys. Back then when I felt ‘not good enough’ I ended up in an odd and disastrous relationship with someone whose world was so far removed from my own and with whom I had no common interests or values.