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How Times Change...

How Times Change...
Written by
Linda Sheridan

Are you a parent going solo? Having problems with your children and don't know where to turn? When I first divorced, my children were very young (a baby and a toddler) - there was no internet, no 'Starting Over' magazines supporting the journey, no network... divorce was still a stigma. A lonely place. 

How are we supposed to know how to get it right? Who is there to help us? There is no magic wand to wave; hard work, long hours and lots of commitment is the only way forward. In many ways, for us, there didn't feel to be much in the way of choice; it was more a matter of keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope that we'd get there. We had some fun along the way but it was hard work!


Going back to work to bring in an income stream... then racing home from work at the end of each day to collect the children. Just enough time for a bath and a story before bed. Falling into bed myself, exhausted, only to get up and do it all again in the morning. Weekends with dad; time for me to.... what? What did I do while they were with dad? For the first year I sat in the house and fretted until they came back the next day! It took me a while to appreciate the time without my children. My children are now grown, my daughter has 2 of her own who are exactly the same ages as mine were when we divorced - 23 years ago. What I would have given for a wikizine then!


Twenty odd years on... it's all so different. Easier? Well there is certainly lots of support on offer if you know where to look. The problem is, there's also lots of choice and choice can make matters more complicated. This month, we've put together a team of solo parents who understand the pitfalls of going it alone... they won't wrap it up for you, they'll tell it like it is - something that every parent will be able to identify with! Read their article on 'Parents in Dialogue' -a refreshing view of how they cope.

Together, Wikizine will guide you through the choices and support you when you make them!



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