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“Be the Person You Want to Attract”

“Be the Person You Want to Attract”
Written by
Suzy Miller

Judgement is one of the most painful and damaging “miasms” of the human mind, but when we judge we judge ourselves first. Our love relationship is absolutely our truest mirror, but our struggles are ultimately with ourselves and not our partners.

My true passion and emphasis for the future is about helping heal the rifts in love relationships. We are here to create union in love with another, it’s our Divine calling. Masculine and Feminine are opposite polarities that make a true whole and yet so much struggle and pain occurs in the world of love, ultimately I believe through lack of  self awareness and education, truth, responsibility and authenticity. So many people have created their lives to try and get love and approval from others and have given up all rights to being who they really are in the process. The results can be hugely painful and difficult relationship patterns repeat over and again.

When we fall in love, the feelings generated are among the strongest we will ever experience. The greatest elixir of life is love, without question. It’s a feeling from the heart that’s almost inexplicable to the mind. You have probably said more than once "I feel like I have known this person all my life". Then some months or years down the line when the power struggle starts, many of us end the relationship, believing that our once so perfect partner is now not meant for us at all.

But what if these conflicts were essential for your healing and growth? What if this person who appears to have grown horns over night, is in fact your perfect match? What if you just needed to become aware of exactly what is going on in you and in your partner? Most of the time conflict is about projection of things that are not healed within you. Judgement is one of the most painful and damaging “miasms” of the human mind, but when we judge we judge ourselves first. Our love relationship is absolutely our truest mirror, but our struggles are ultimately with ourselves and not our partners.

The “power struggle” is an essential and biological part of every relationship and we must recognise it, stop and gather the tools to manage it. Beyond this phase is the wonderful place of intimate communion and true love.

Successful relationships function on fully conscious behaviour, based on complete truth, authenticity of the self and a desire to give love unconditionally. If humanity were filled with such an attitude, there would be no pain and suffering on this treasured Earth of ours.

7 Steps to Successful Attraction:

  1. Self awareness - do you REALLY know what you give off to your partner? Educate yourself. What if I asked you “Would you be in a relationship with you?”.

  2. Truth – It’s about inner truth. Look in the mirror and admit and accept where you are now. You are beautiful as the song says but you must believe it.

  3. Forgiveness - The power of your intention to forgive is about making peace with yourself and releasing you and your partner from the emotional chains of the past.

  4. Acceptance - Make peace and say yeah " I am who I am and that's OK!"

  5. Growth / Release - start clearing out those mental, emotional, spiritual closets and see how the power of personal change will de-clutter your life from all the people and things that don't serve you.

  6. Becoming You - this will be the result, a happier healthier and authentic you, with a deeper sense of peace and love.

  7. Attract - Which partner do you want in your life? Whatever you want, BE it first. You want trust, be trust worthy. You want honesty, be honest. Its simple.....like attracts like it’s called The Law of Attraction.

Gina Hardy is a relationship educator, yoga teacher and therapist and will be speaking on the subject of love at the Starting Over Show in Brighton on 28th March. She runs workshops for singles and couples in the art of conscious behaviour and uses the very powerful work of partner yoga for people to learn how to re-connect through non-verbal dialogue.

"Become loving. When you are in the embrace, become the embrace. Become the kiss. Forget yourself so totally that you can say, "I am no more. Only love exists." Then the heart is not beating, but love is beating. Then the blood is not circulating, but love is circulating. Then eyes are not seeing, love is seeing. Then hands are not moving to touch, love is moving to touch. Become love and enter everlasting life. Love suddenly changes your dimension. You are thrown out of time and you are facing eternity. Love can become a deep meditation, the deepest possible. Lovers have known sometimes what saints have not known." ~Osho

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