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Becoming Strangers

What about adventure?  Excitement?  New experiences?  Aren't they the things that give life its rich flavour?  Aren't they the things that we will look back on and remember with a smile? Those peak experiences, the thrill of the new, the taste of the unfamiliar....

Are you speaking the same language?

As spring approaches with the promise of new growth and lighter days and as winter's grip loses her hold you may well be starting to think about spring cleaning your life. A few people I know are making big changes in their love relationships including some that are ending because they feel they can't communicate anymore and the lack of being able to speak the same "language" has brought forth ....adios....farewell ..next!

How Do You Know You Are Loved?

We all work in different ways, we are all programmed differently.  If you don't share with your partner what it is that makes you feel loved how can they give it to you? There is a basic understanding, which I've found is needed for each of us to know that we are loved.  It is coded deep in our system and is not usually recognised as a fundamental need.

The Art of Marital Conversation Part II

Part II of the Art of Marital Conversation 

The Art of Marital Conversation Part I

I'm sharing this post by a favourite blogger of mine - Corey Allan at Simple Marriage - Part II to follow with the Do's and Don'ts.  Corey's blog has been on my top 10 list for a while now and with his permission I'll be sharing his insights with you.

The Gifts of A Heart-Broken-Open

We think of divorce as the break up of a marriage. With all the practical upheaval, it’s easy to forget that it’s also the end of a romance. Having your spouse leave you is one of the most painful experiences you are likely to have. We all know the feeling of having our heart broken open in romance. It’s a rich space - and its raw texture means that it’s easy to miss the gifts that lie there. Yes, gifts.

Mr Angry and Miss Fear

Letting go of anger and fear ... but do you know which? D'you know that one of the most challenging aspects of my work is getting women to admit that they're angry and men to admit that they're scared.

Do You Need To Be Rescued?

Are you waiting for a replacement wife to rescue you from your marriage? Recently, a client told me that the reason he'd decided not to leave his wife was 'I haven’t met anyone else who I’ll want a relationship with'.

When Divorce Turns You Off

The knock on effects of divorce can be great as Dita von Teese found out - no sex for a year until she had got over her past relationship. When Dita von Teese, the burlesque star, divorced rocker Marilyn Manson she found that she lost interest in sex for a year.  Ironically of course her work is based a lot around being sexual in her dancing.

Would You Spend Christmas With Your Ex?

That dreaded first Christmas post divorce or relationship break up is not just an emotional minefield, but full of practical complications as well. Here are three people who share their different experiences and give new single parents some advice, whether it is coping without the children over Christmas or spending Christmas night with your ex partner!

Nobody’s Hero

When I was training all those years ago, the Rush song ‘Nobody’s Hero’ was played daily. I really didn’t like it at the beginning and by the end, I couldn’t help but sing along and it still brings goosebumps when I hear it. Although I’m taking the lyrics in a different context, these ones strike me as useful for us to remember in any relationship – be it personal or business.

One Eyed Wobble Boards

The maelstrom of the festive season often takes its toll on otherwise happy couples. Happy is one of those words which we use to mean a whole heap of other emotions, the opposite .... unhappy is used the same way.

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