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Surviving Valentines Day

Surviving Valentines Day
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So if it’s not bad enough that you’re separated or divorced, but now it’s that time of year when you’re reminded at every turn - love is in the air - it’s Valentine’s Day! Well if you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about the 14th February this year, take heart (excuse the pun) and read on for some top tips to surviving the day.

 · Decide how you wish to spend the day or evening - plan ahead so that you’re in the driving seat as to whether you wish to go out with friends or choose to spend the evening in.

· Plan an evening out with some great friends who are in a positive frame of mind; this is not the night to spend with friends who will make you feel miserable about the day!

· Avoid places that will be full of romantic couples!

· There are lots of events held on Valentine’s Day for people not wishing to celebrate, from yoga classes to interesting talks - you might even make some new friends.

· Being with loved ones - if you have children and want to stay in, watch a family movie or have a nice meal together.

· Volunteer to do something that takes your focus away from your situation; not only will it take your mind off your issues and put Valentine’s Day in perspective, but you will feel good about helping others.

· Don’t go on Facebook to check what you’re ‘ex’ is up to, send a text that you might regret the next day or make a drunken call to them - call a friend first.

· And finally, laugh to yourself at how ridiculously commercial Valentine’s Day can be; remind yourself that it’s only one day of the year and how much pressure is there for it to be the perfect romantic day?! When I think back to my marriage, Valentine’s Day wasn’t even a big deal so why should it be now?

Remember that if you’re finding your separation or divorce difficult right now, this is just a phase in your life, and you will move on, and you will be happy again. It may not feel like it right now but you will come out the other side stronger and wiser.

Click here to my website and sign up in the top corner to get top tips to help you survive your divorce, and download a free chapter of my book “Essential Divorce Wisdom: How To Make the Best of the Worst Year of Your Life and Come Out, Sane, Smiling and Ready to Make the Most of Your Future!”. Here you will also find out about my Divorce Support Online Course and Free Webinars to help you NOW.

JANET MURRAY BA, DipM Master Prac NLP: www.haveapositivedivorce.com

by Janet Murray, Personal & Relationship Coach


Janet is a Master NLP practitioner and inspirational coach who is passionate about working with individuals to help them fulfil their potential both personally and professionally. The author of two books on relationship strategies, including ‘Essential Divorce Wisdom’ and the mother of two teenage sons, Janet combines her intuitive and practical wisdom with her corporate background as an international trader with Shell UK. She’s also a successful entrepreneur having co-founded and launched her own training delivery and publishing business that was successfully sold and which continues to thrive today. An inspirational leader, entrepreneur and communicator, Janet is passionate about helping people create and achieve the life they desire whatever their situation.

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