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Breakup Angel’s secret Christmas weapon...

Kirsten Gronning and Jackie Walker are the 'Breakup Angels': leading UK relationship and divorce coaches and practitioners.

Michelle's SOS Makeover Adventure

It was a very big day for Michelle, her first ever experience of Life Coaching, her first introduction to Collaborative Law, and her first chance to be made to feel special and have some great photos that reflect the beautiful lady that she is and the person she is striving to become, because of her situation rather than in spite of it. But let's see what Michelle discovered on that Thursday 19 November 2009.

Neil Denny presents

The only thing a heated argument produced is coolness – American proverb. Understanding the 'drama triangle' and how you can keep communicating through even the most entrenched conflict situations will not only resolve differences but enable you to strengthen relationships with family, colleagues and friends at the very moment when most at risk.

The Business of Divorce

In the run up to Christmas a firm of solicitors starts selling ‘divorce vouchers’ for friends and family of the unsuspecting spouse to use to buy some legal advice. 

Divorce As The Great Challenge to Grow

I've been divorced a baker's dozen years now...

Finding Your 'Mojo’

Divorce can leave you struggling to find your mojo, your sense of worth, your confidence, your sex appeal. You can be left thinking that things will never be the same, and you’re right, they won’t. But, things can and will change and they can change for the better. 

Divorce Does Not Equal Failure

Annie O'Neill encourages Wikizine readers how to view their experience of divorce positively...

The Hell of Acceptance

My guess is that like me and countless others you’ve got your divorce papers filed away in a box somewhere, well it’s not the sort of thing you frame and hang on the wall is it! Either that, or you’ve just never bothered yet to get round to actually divorcing, but you’ve sorted out the money between you and the children live one place or another.

Believing in Never Land

As a vetted professional on CertainShops and also an exhibitor at Starting Over Show, I am constantly aware of the interconnection between the need for personal development during difficult life situations, such as divorce or redundancy, and also the need for business owners to keep their dreams alive during these trying economic times.

Life after Divorce – Never say Never

People who are divorced often say that they will never get married or live with someone again. In fact, after the breakdown of my second marriage I said exactly that. Thankfully I reconsidered when I met my current husband and we will be celebrating 11 very happy years of marriage this year.

Dump the Mum-in-Law

‘Dump the mum-in-law with us this Christmas’ was the tongue in cheek headline in the Daily Record as Holiday Inns announced its advertising campaign with special rates of 25% off to entice families to spend their Christmas in the hotel chain, in order to avoid many of the stresses facing families over the festive period. 

Look Before you Fall

Inspired by countless stories of friends and acquaintances jumping into relationships without "assessing" the scene. I have come to the conclusion, that to save us from self induced heartache we must indeed look before we fall in love. If possible.

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No-Fault Divorce £179

We provide the UK's lowest cost no-fault divorce service, managed by a well respected firm of solicitors. 

Online Mediation £250

Online mediation is a convenient and inexpensive way to agree on a fair financial settlement.

Consent Order £259

This legally binding agreement defines how assets (e.g. properties and pensions) are to be divided.

Court Support £250

Support for people who have to go to court to get a fair divorce financial settlement without a solicitor.