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Believing in Never Land

Believing in Never Land
Contributed by
Suzy Miller

As a vetted professional on CertainShops and also an exhibitor at Starting Over Show, I am constantly aware of the interconnection between the need for personal development during difficult life situations, such as divorce or redundancy, and also the need for business owners to keep their dreams alive during these trying economic times.

I went recently to Leicester to see Peter Pan. It was a long time since I had seen or read the story and I was moved by the poignant tale of the ‘lost boys' looking for a Mummy and Daddy. I had recorded a podcast with Julian Ronnie, the composer and Lyricist of Peter Pan, when I was on my Shaman healing course and the experience of listening to the lyrics knowing something of the man and the process he went through to compose and create, added a depth and another dimension to my experience of watching the show.


Why am I writing this article? I think for two reasons. One - that there was a sadness pervading the desire for the lost boys to find love and connection and that there was an emptiness within them having fallen out of their pram and got lost. Even though they were having such an adventure in Never Land (the world) they were still searching for the parts of themselves they had lost through losing the connection with their parents, and so the whole adventure reflected a journey towards completion through ‘starting over' in each new adventure until they eventually returned ‘home' to love (of themselves- reflected through Mr and Mrs Darling embracing all of them). Secondly, because I recognized in interviewing Julian that in moving to his real passion - the theatre and the performing arts away from making music for TV adverts - turning away from a more lucrative career - he was having to trust himself and his inner voice. As his lyrics communicated, he had just to ‘Hold your hands out, think a happy thought and believe you can fly'.

Moving from TV to theatre is meaning a significant change in re-imbursement - but Julian knows he must follow his soul path and his passion and believe that by doing that he will fly and truly fly, not just be satisfied with getting a fat pay packet for composing music for an advert. Clearly his talent has expressed itself in the adverts and he has needed skill to turn out the briefs required by the agencies - but he realized that if he didn't follow the pull to ‘start over' and go towards the theater, where he knew he must go - he would become a ‘lost boy' himself .

In the end we must look to find our own centre point. All of us are wounded and have unmet needs from childhood and from generational patterns and karmic influences - but in knowing that you can fly to Never Land means you can dream a new future in the present, so that this future draws us to it, and in the present moment we can also heal the past and so change our perception of those events through a new understanding. Time might not be linear and ‘cause and effect' - time might be in a circle with everything, past and future happening now in this infinite moment - which means we always have a chance to fully heal the past and create a positive new future.

So Never Land exists - it is our imagination through which we dream our future into being, and we are only lost if we invest in the stories that disempower us, and think we are powerless to change the influences of our families and experiences, and at the mercy of fate! Instead if we take charge of our future we can create anything and find ourselves and our true center point, knowing that however much we feel lost through absent or unaware parents, or a world where the old rules of financial stability no longer seem to apply, that we have the support of mother earth and the care of the father source energy - the heavens above us and the earth below.

We will know we are safe and can never get lost - and that in each moment we have the chance to genuinely start over and create whatever we desire. 

Wikizine's guest writer, Julia Armstrong, writes about feeling lost...

Listen to Julia being interviewed here..... juliabanner-300x75


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