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Divorce Does Not Equal Failure

Divorce Does Not Equal Failure
Written by
Annie O'Neill

Annie O'Neill encourages Wikizine readers how to view their experience of divorce positively...

Recent research by a dating site www.fifties.com has revealed that 60% of people who went through divorce at 50+ said that the feeling of failure was the most difficult thing to come to terms with.

This figure astounded me. At a time when approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce why should you feel that you have failed? Divorce is nothing to be ashamed of and you are not a failure because you are divorced.

So your marriage didn’t work out. It’s not all your fault; after all it takes two to tango! It is rarely the fault of one person when a relationship breaks down. Something changed. You fell out of love, you realised there was more to life, maybe you had both changed over the years. Sometimes one partner leaves and the other had no idea there was anything wrong with the marriage, that partner is often devastated and becomes bitter and angry, not acknowledging that they have done anything to contribute to the breakdown of the marriage. Sometimes one partner really is completely blameless, if that is the case then you are better off without someone who does not value you.

Feeling like a failure will stop you from moving on. Ask yourself why you feel like this. Were you 100% to blame? What is about the marriage ending that makes you feel you have failed? Is it rational to feel like a failure?

Instead of feeling like a failure make a decision to put it down to experience. Put it behind you and start living again. In NLP terms ‘there is no failure, only feedback’ so what did you learn. What frustrated you about being married? What would you like to have done differently? Did you give up dreams, aspirations, hobbies? We often sacrifice things when we get married and start a family. What could you do now that you couldn’t do when you were married?

So, stop feeling that you have failed and start living again.

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