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How Do I Get Back in the Game?

How Do I Get Back in the Game?
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Men’s Dating ‘agony aunts’ Milton & Fitz answer a common question from a guy wanting to get back ‘out there’ and date women.

The question: “I’m in need of some direction. I recently came out of a long-term relationship; we met at uni, dated for two years of uni and we lived together for four years. At first, being single seemed like a bit of relief, because we’d been arguing a lot and I thought it’d be exciting to go out there and play the field again. But I haven’t had much luck and it suddenly all seems so daunting. I realise that I haven’t had to worry about any of this girls and dating stuff for nearly ten years and I honestly don’t know where to begin.”

Milton’s answer:

I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that the solution is incredibly simple:

You have to start approaching women.

The bad news is that it’s also very difficult. In fact the overwhelming majority of guys just don't do it.

Approaching women will do three great things for you.

  1. You’ll meet loads of women
  2. You’ll become skilled at building attraction with them
  3. You’ll set yourself apart from all the guys who don't approach them

If you are consistent and do it in the right way you’ll get great results. “What’s the right way?” I hear you cry. Well, read all of the material from this book and our blog and, if you’re still confused, we’ll train you and show you how.

Fitz’s answer:

It is very hard to improve your success with women without changing your conditions. From my experience, some of the best results can be achieved by looking carefully at your social circle. Two things must happen here: Spend time with friends who make you feel confident and attractive. Don’t be afraid to admit that achieving success will mean nights out that are dedicated to meeting women. For these nights, you need friends who are willing to come out with you.

A few years ago, my nights out involved getting drunk on the Old Kent Road, drinking pints of ale, eating nuts and talking about football. This was fine, but I what I really wanted to be doing was meeting girls. Until I hooked up with the right guys and went to places with girls (not pubs in the Old Kent Road), I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

In terms of finding these guys- it’s not really as hard as you might think. If you ever meet a single guy in a social situation, ask him if he’d be interested in going out to chat to girls; most guys don’t need much of an excuse.

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