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Spring clean your life to make new relationships sparkle!

Spring clean your life to make new relationships sparkle!
Written by
Jackie Walker

Where are the cobwebs still lingering, time for a quick spring clean - no matter what time of year it is!

Spring Clean your Love Life - Six Stages to Relationship Sparkle! Tis the season for clearing out the old to let in the new - time to open the windows and let new air flow through.  It's spring cleaning time - when every nook and crannie gets a good going over! While you're at it why not give your love life a helping hand too?  Many people walk into a new relationship without spring cleaning the old one which means that they take along too much rubbish, cobwebs and stuff that no longer fits them.

  • Stage One -

To clean out your love life, its useful to start by making a couple of lists.  Go and get a pencil and paper and I'll wait for you before I continue Ok, now draw a line down the middle of the page and now head the columns - Things Which Make Me Feel Good and Things Which Drain Me.

Why would you want to do this? Well have you ever tried to run a bath without putting the plug in? Look at your past relationships and fill in the columns - no-one is going to see it so let rip.  It's a bit like having a credit and debit column for your emotional wellbeing.

  • Stage Two -

Go round your home and work out what things in it relate to the draining side of the page - are there pictures, photos, crockery, clothing or anything which brings up less than good memories or feelings?  If there are, for what reason are you holding onto them?  Either throw them out, give them away or take them to the charity shop.

  • Stage Three -

Are you blaming the cleaner for not doing the job?  Make a list of all the things you say to yourself to explain why you are not in a relationship.  Then make a list of all the things which you say to yourself to explain why you should be in a relationship.  How do you sabotage your relationship success with these things you say?

  • Stage Four -

What cobwebs are hanging around - things you decide before you ever give something/someone a chance?  Are you sure your gut feels aren't influenced by the things you say to yourself?  Preconceived ideas and assumptions - need to be dusted away?

  • Stage Five -

Where have you not looked yet? Have you got the right attitude - is this a half hearted effort you're making or are you really prepared to move things around to make sure that you are going to succeed?  If you don't look under the sofa, hoover under the bed, take the curtains down, are you going to have a real spring clean?

  • Stage Six -

Are some things too challenging to shift on your own - help is always available and it's never too early or late to ask.

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