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A Different Pair Of Shoes

“Say something nice about your Ex” I demanded. The result was not only a two minute short film, but as they wrestled with the subject matter this was a learning experience for me too.

Spring clean your life to make new relationships sparkle!

Where are the cobwebs still lingering, time for a quick spring clean - no matter what time of year it is!

The Rocky Road to Recovering from Divorce

Divorce is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to you. Coping with the loss of a partner is incredibly hard and quite often friends and family won’t understand what you're going through.

The Sports Car You've Always Wanted!

Downsizing your life doesn't have to be a disaster... it can also be a time when you're able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Some people want to travel, others want to own that sports car that they've always coveted but how to afford it, and how to pay for its upkeep once it is in your garage can be a problem.

Just Get On With It

This is one view - We are who we are and we really just have to get on with it - it's all we've got!

Dating for the Free-Agains by Linda Franklin

Linda Franklin gives us an in-depth look at what dating entails when starting over...

How does colour psychology and image consultancy really work?

Bernay Laity is a Colour Psychologist and Image Consultant. She brings her expertise to Wikizine...

Dating Online

This month's article is dedicated to 'getting back out there' i.e. returning to the dating scene. As such, and for one month only, I write as part doctor and part man.

Where are the private detectives?

The following article is the sad but true situation underlying the lack of effective divorce law reform that has inspired SOS launching a Divorce Relationship Makeover initiative

Dating in the dark

After a long term relationship or marriage break up going back into dating can be like floundering around in the dark. Suzy Miller - creator of the UK's first divorce fair, the Starting Over Show - talks about her own experiences.

Julia Armstrong - a starting over story

Julia Armstrong, relationship coach and author, talks to us...

Whose Call is it - Yours or Theirs?

Whose call is it when you are divorced and looking to date again - your teenager's or yours?