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Feeling Lonely? Consider a Pet…

Feeling Lonely? Consider a Pet…
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With separation and divorce, often comes a change in lifestyle. It can be a lonely time for many...  Perhaps you will have more time on your hands to think about having a pet. What sort of pet? How are you to care for it?

Making Your Choice


Have you hankered after owning a pet but your busy work life has prevented it? Now is the time that you can follow your wishes and have a companion; whether it be feline canine or of a more exotic nature. You may have always wanted a dog but if you live in a flat or rented room this may not be possible - It would not be fair to the animal or your neighbours! Perhaps fish or a cat would be more in keeping or then you may prefer rodents?

Where to Purchase


Don’t go rushing off to the local pet shop or buy a pet from the local ads either in the free press or your newsagent’s window. Investigate the best way to purchase from a breeder. The Internet is now a great way to find out about official organisations for animals such as the Kennel club for dogs or the Governing Council for the Cat Fancy (GCCF) for cats. A local veterinary clinic can also advise you and it is not too soon to make their acquaintance, as you will need their services in the near future.

Rescue Pets


Have you considered taking on an older pet? There are many rescue organisations that take care of animals that are no longer wanted and you could be the ideal person to give one of them a good home. Try to go to a reliable breed rescue if you want to re-home a dog or cat.

You can find details of these rescuers from the Kennel Club or the GCCF. Your vet may know of smaller animals needing re-homing. To be able to take in a dog or cat in the later years of their life is a joy as these animals are so loving and have the greatest of characters.

Considering Expense

Apart from purchasing your pet there will be quite a lot of expense involved in its upkeep. Pet insurance should be taken out to cover any veterinary care that will be needed. Although this does not cover basic cover such as yearly inoculations for dog plus the excess cover there is no doubt that pet insurance is a must for pet owners as veterinary care can be exorbitant if your pet should become ill or have an accident.

Pet Care


You may have big plans for your life once you have downsized and owning a pet can be part of it. However there are times when you may not be able to care for the pet. If you plan to travel what will you do with the animal. Will it be put into a kennel or cattery or perhaps there is a local pet care service available? This will be an added expense to consider in your budget.  You may find a neighbour or friend would be happy to take in your pet if you are away from home and you can reciprocate when they need to travel. Also, ask at your local veterinary practice as they quite often take in smaller animals or will know of a responsible person that can help you.

Old Age


Old age comes to all of us and this must be considered when deciding to purchase a pet. Will you be able to groom the animal and take care of its needs? Will you still be able to walk it or clean out its living quarters? What will happen to your pet if you should die? All these things need to be taken into consideration when decision to take on a pet. Do not assume that your family will be happy to take on your pet. If necessary make mention of your wishes in your will and let those involved know what you want to happen. There are charities that will take on pets that have lost their owners. Once you have made your decisions you can enjoy your chosen pet and be assured that you have covered every eventuality.


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