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What Everyone Should Know about How to Get Over Your Ex and Get on With Your Life

What Everyone Should Know about How to Get Over Your Ex and Get on With Your Life
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At last, the answers are all here! Save up to 3 years of heartbreak and pain by learning the Secrets to Rebuilding Your Life. Do you sincerely want to be happy again? Then these Three Eye-Opening Workshops will provide you with your best chance to get over your broken relationship. 

Sound hard to believe? Keep reading because here’s what I will reveal:

  • A Little Known Skill for Managing Your Thoughts So You Can Manage Your Emotions

  • A Foolproof Way To Move From Conflict to Co-operation Even When Your Ex is Impossible

  • Exactly What You Can Do Right Now To Take Back Control of Your Life

  • An Easy Way to Understand What Happened, How it Happened and How to Never Make The Same Mistakes Again

  • Simple Strategies To Feel Better Faster

  • How to Heal your Heart, Hold On To Your Identity, Reclaim Your Focus and Get on With

Your Life

You can say goodbye to your broken heart if you follow the simple plan set out in these workshops. What Everyone Should Know about How to Get Over Your Ex and Get on With Your Life gives you practical, no fluff, specific tools and strategies that you need to take you from Breakup to Breakthrough.


“Here’s the Good News. Divorce is a dis-ease from which anyone can completely recover and go to lead a happy and fulfilling life” Francine Kaye

First Aid

Is it Really Over? The surest way to find out whether you are ready to let go and begin to get over your ex.

Reaction Management

When life is uncertain and often volatile, this strategy is designed to keep you in control of your reactions and your mouth!

Intensive Care

Feelings – Nothing More Than Feelings: Understand how you actually create your own pain and the Thought Stopping Technique that takes you from Fear to Fearlessness.

After Pain Comes Change

When you are able to let of upset and stop fighting with reality some amazing possibilities will open up to you. This strategy will show you how to gain access to them.


"When you fall in a river, you're no longer a fisherman; you're a swimmer." - Gene Hill

How Did This Happen to Me? – The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Learn About Yourself That Will Immediately Change the Way You Are In Relationship For The Rest of Your Life – Guaranteed!

Why No Two People Have Ever Really Met Each Other? Discover Why You Never Really Knew Your Ex Even If You Were Together for 30 Years.

Your Relationship Rules

Understand The Role You Play In Your Relationships So that The Rest of Us can Understand You!


“When you are able to view yourself as a separate individual and no longer your ex’s partner, the process of emotionally divorcing will finally be complete” Francine Kaye.

The Ex Files

Find out How to Separate Mentally and Physically and Let Go Emotionally.

How to Talk so Your Ex Will Listen and Listen So your Ex can Talk

Miracle Communication Skills for Couples That will Take You From Conflict to Co-operation in Seconds!

Scrubbing Up for Life Apart

How to Get Back Into The Driving Seat, Take Charge of You and Create A Healthy Balance in Every Area of Your Life.


“The Past is Another Country – they do things differently there.” – LP Hartley

Forgiveness and Gratitude

Imagine Being Able to Truly Let Go and Use The Past as A Place to Grow From. It May Surprise You to Find Out That Forgiveness and Gratitude are The Key to Moving Forward with Your Life.

Your Personal Operating Instructions

The Only Way to Understand Who You Are, What you Want and Who You Have to Be in Order to Get It! Regain Your Identity, Understand Your Personal Boundaries and Trust Yourself Again.

Happy Endings

Learning to Love Again. How Will you Know When You are Ready to Love Again? Understanding the Relationship Model Will Show You Exactly How I’ Becomes ‘We’ in The Not Too Distant Future.

Extra Workshop

Kids Don’t Divorce

“Your children are like living arrows and you are the stable bow.” (adapted from Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet)

What Do We Tell The Kids? - Choosing How to Tell Kids in Every Age Group When You Split Up

Children’s Grief and Behaviors – Understanding How Your Kid’s Behaviors are Designed to Get Their Basic Needs Met.

“Suitcase Kids” – How to Handle Transitions from Mum to Dad and Anyone Else in between.

How to Be your Kids Best Parent Ever – Find Out The Very Best Way to Parent Apart On a Daily Basis.

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