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Boots Boots Boots!

Boots Boots Boots!
Written by
Siana Quinn

It is that time of year again, where we drag out our woolies, and head to the shops for THE pair of boots. I love this time of year - probably because I suit my winter wardrobe and its dark colours better than birghts, but most particularly because of boots.

There is something about a great pair of boots, and the way they make you feel.  I have to admit, I always end up buying a couple of pairs, and wear them far into spring.

The big story this season where boots are concerned are in flats.  Yes, the ubiquitous Uggs are about, with more styles than ever, and of course Timberlands are around for the skiing fraternity, but the headlines are kept for biker boots.  They are, simply everywhere - and rightly so.  Not only are they terribly comfy (which lets be honest, we can rarely say about shoes for the girls), they are warm, practical, and go with almost anything. 

They funk up a skirt and thick tights combo, look good over and under jeans, and bring trousers bang up to date.  Here are my favorite 3 pairs from the High Street, but seriously, they are everywhere, and you should not have any trouble finding a pair to fit your own budget.  Biker boots are likely to be around for some time, so if you can afford an investment pair, do splash out - you will be wearing them for a couple of seasons.

Other news on the flat front is the re-emergence of Kicker Boots and patent Doc Martins.  My advice is leave these to the tweens and younger twenties - you know the saying that if you were old enough to wear them first time (or too old), you shouldn't wear them second time round.  This has never been more true than with this micro trend.

Next on what is hot is the high boot.  Over the knee, and up to the thigh, they are one of the other big stories this winter.  They can be heeled or not; laced up or plain, it is up to you - but with either skinny jeans or a short skirt and thick tights, they are big news.  Again, they are all over the High Street but I would warn against investment pieces in this market.  They are likely to be one season wonders, so if you do want a pair, don't go for high end - stick to what you can afford to shove to the back of the wardrobe after this season.

Making something of a comeback is the shoeboot.  Hot a couple of seasons ago, this style is now scorching.  With the right pair you can easily wear them to work or on a night out.  They look very hot with a LBD, and sister, you will be scorching if you can carry off that trend!

Finally, there is the usual run of knee or just below heeled boots.  These never go out of fashion, and are always recycled, year after year.  You undoubtedly have, or had a pair not so long ago.  If these are you, wear with a short skirt or under your jeans and trousers.  Somethings hang around the fashion scene for a reason, and with these, the reason is they flatter every leg shape.







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