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It’s All About The Body Shape!

The constant pressure exerted upon us by the media and its images of size zero celebrities leads us falsely to believe that this is in fact how we should look ourselves. Furthermore, irrespective of whether you’re a size 8 or a size 28, everybody is consequently striving to be something they’re not. If your anything like I was, you’ve probably also got that dress tucked away at the back of your wardrobe.

Your Autumn/Winter 2010 Style Guide

I personally feel like last winter’s snow has only just disappeared, and I’m by no means thrilled at the prospect of having to soon face such bitter coldness once more, fingers crossed that it won’t be quite as severe as last year’s anyway!

Restyle Yourself With The Timeless Look

The 50s and 60s marked a pivotal time for fashion consequent to the introduction of quiet, classic glamour portrayed by legendary queens of the silver screen. The understated and wholesome style of Grace Kelly, coupled with the classic and timeless look of Audrey Hepburn, defines an era whereby perfection and femininity were embraced in an approachable manner.

Men’s Autumn/Winter '10-'11 Fashion – A Step Back In Time?

As the new season approaches and the winter blues begin to set in, the fashion elite are bubbling with anticipation and excitement over the chance to finally be able to add layers, texture and depth to their wardrobe, which the colder months can allow. This season takes inspiration from many themes, mostly drawing inspiration from the past whilst adding modern definition. For instance, a post World War II theme to make the most of a situation is evident.

Sex and the City: Style

From the moment the credits began to roll after the first Sex and the City film ended, we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the release of a fabulous sequel. Sex and the City 2 will undoubtedly be the most talked about film of 2010, but storyline aside, what we really want to know is what will they be wearing?!

Sporting Fashion

As early summer begins to approach it is met with an influx of sporting events, providing ample opportunities to both update and replenish your wardrobe to keep it refreshed throughout the summer months.

Holidays and Fashion For Men

The thought of annual holiday packing can be quite daunting.

One dress - Four ways to Wear It!

Now that we’ve finally been graced with a spell of hot weather, the invitations to BBQs are flooding in, and it’s a sure sign that our summer vacations are that one step closer. Whatever you’ve got planned for the summer months ahead, no doubt you’ll already be wondering what to wear.

Holidays and Fashion For Women

Late summer holiday tips by our resident fashion expert, Samantha Robinson...