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Tips and Ideas for Solo Travel

When you travel solo you are in charge of making all the decisions and plans regarding your destination, and of organising every single detail. This includes travel arrangements and how you will fill your time when you get there. What to pack, how to relax and how to feel comfortable on your own are also considerations. Using tips and ideas can therefore be a useful way to help you plan the ultimate solo experience.

Caravan Holidays: a Cheaper Alternative?

Life, especially post-separation / divorce can certainly be challenging and affording a decent holiday can seem impossible. Taking a caravan holiday can be a great way for you and your family to spend some time together away from home.

Backpacking or Holidaying in India and the Himalayas

Travel to India and the Himalayas brings with it, its own unique safety considerations given that both areas are still developing and certain locations remain a somewhat unstable part of the world. Therefore, if you intend going on a walking holiday to India or trekking in the Himalayas which is why it's important to get hold of a reputable India travel guide or a guide for walking holidays in the Himalayas.

A view from the roof

A light-hearted look at a Day in the Life of a Pilot... by BoeingPilot, our very own pilot giving us the inside track about what really happens at the very front of the plane.

Walking Holiday Safety

There are those who love lazy holidays at the beach, and then there are those who like being more active. For many people, the ideal way to spend their free time is trekking or walking in the country. It's a chance to see some splendid scenery, to become one with nature, and let the wind blow the cobwebs of everyday life away.

A Basic Tale of 20 Kilos

Regular Wikizine writer, Jackie Walker, gives us a taste of what it is to travel alone...

Go west

More and more people are taking up the solo-travel challenge. Are you brave enough to join them? At the time, the thrill felt wasted on just me. 

A Passport To Adventure For Solo Travellers

When it comes to choosing where to escape to, inspiring shows such as Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Round and Comic Relief’s ongoing celebrity challenges have had a dramatic impact on travel styles in recent years...

The Top 10 travel websites for single parents

Some specialist travel firms have woken up to the fact that single parent families just want to have fun…

Living New Dreams...

What do you do when divorce breaks those future dreams? When you have to let go of those plans you shared...? Having received my Decree Absolute on my 50th birthday last Christmas, the house sold, the assets split... I decided that my future is in my own hands. The world is out there and, if I want to see other parts of it, it's down to me to make it happen.

A Single Parent's Conundrum

Find out what's available for single parent holidays...

Living New Dreams: Part Two

Following last month's article on 'Living New Dreams', the Ed. concludes her travelogue on her Australian adventure... Having left home on Friday evening, I touched down at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport on Sunday evening. Arriving at my host’s home some time after dark, my first need was to sit in the garden with a glass of wine… my second was for sleep.

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