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Wikizine - Travel

Camping With Kids – Part 1 – Where to Start?

So here's the deal. The school holidays are looming. The kids will drive you crazy. You can't afford to go on holiday. You can't remember the last time you went on holiday. Was it before the kids? It might have been before you were married. There was always something else going on, but now there's nothing else going on and you need to do something. 

Living New Dreams...

What do you do when divorce breaks those future dreams? When you have to let go of those plans you shared...? Having received my Decree Absolute on my 50th birthday last Christmas, the house sold, the assets split... I decided that my future is in my own hands. The world is out there and, if I want to see other parts of it, it's down to me to make it happen.

10 Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane

We were on hols in South Africa and the little girl behind me could have done with some of these tips! I had to bite my tongue a few times on the long 12 hour flight !! So, you’ve packed the bags, cancelled the papers and are really looking forward to being away for a couple of weeks free from the usual routine but you’re really anxious about keeping your young kids occupied on that long plane flight.

A Passport To Adventure For Solo Travellers

When it comes to choosing where to escape to, inspiring shows such as Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Round and Comic Relief’s ongoing celebrity challenges have had a dramatic impact on travel styles in recent years...

A Road to Somewhere Else...

Following on from last month's article 'A Road to Somewhere', our editor continues her travelogue on her travels up the west coast of the US. Having taken a last look at the famed Los Angeles, we travelled north to Santa Barbara - a very pretty town and well worth a visit. 

A Basic Tale of 20 Kilos

Regular Wikizine writer, Jackie Walker, gives us a taste of what it is to travel alone...

A Road to Somewhere

Holidays can be a challenge at the best of times. When you're a single parent with young children, the responsibility is enormous. It can be hard work entertaining children; I learned years ago that happy children meant I was in with a chance of a holiday! But what do you do when the children are old enough to go on their own holidays? 

A view from the roof

A light-hearted look at a Day in the Life of a Pilot... by BoeingPilot, our very own pilot giving us the inside track about what really happens at the very front of the plane.

Holidays - Going it Alone

For many divorced people the holiday can loom as a chore to deal with rather than a pleasure to look forward to. If you've always gone away with the spouse, the thought of doing it alone can be so fraught that you just back off and give up altogether. Or you might end up going with someone - or a group - that doesn't really appeal as a friend of mine always did just to give some 'cover'.

Caravan Holidays: a Cheaper Alternative?

Life, especially post-separation / divorce can certainly be challenging and affording a decent holiday can seem impossible. Taking a caravan holiday can be a great way for you and your family to spend some time together away from home.

Living New Dreams: Part Two

Following last month's article on 'Living New Dreams', the Ed. concludes her travelogue on her Australian adventure... Having left home on Friday evening, I touched down at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport on Sunday evening. Arriving at my host’s home some time after dark, my first need was to sit in the garden with a glass of wine… my second was for sleep. 

A Single Parent's Conundrum

Find out what's available for single parent holidays...