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Coping With Depression

Our resident medical expert, talks to us about Depression...

Emotional Pareidolia

Professional hypnotherapist, Steve Lauder, talks to Wikizine's readers: 'Human beings have a remarkable gift, but one with potential for unwanted consequences, the gift for pattern recognition.'Here, is the technical description, (brace yourselves): Pareidolia is a phenomenon of psychological origin involving an indistinct and arbitrary stimulus, frequently something like an image or sound, being experienced as significant.

Sexual Health

Our resident medical expert shares his advice with Wikizine readers on sexual health risks. In last month’s article we touched on sexual health.  Now for those of you recently divorced or separated and in need of some ‘you-time’, sexual health may well be low down on the agenda. 

How To Manage Your Stress

Meet our newest writer for Wikizine, Dan Roberts. Passionate about health and personal growth, Dan shares with us his expertise as personal coach and writer. If you are going through a divorce or have separated and are negotiating the fraught territory of finding a new home, financial settlements and – if children are involved – working out custody, the stress can be immense. 


We all know what this is, and many of us will have been here too. We can dress it up and give it a lengthy explanation but essentially we’re talking lack of sleep, either not enough of the stuff, poor quality, or non-refreshing in substance.

Tea, Anyone?

Once again, I am delighted to write for the magazine, and being the story-teller that I am, this month, I shall indulge in the telling of a story called, “The Tea-Cup”

Living with Regrets, Dealing with Remorse

Our lives are littered with regrets; forgetting to record the final episode of a series on TV, missing the last postal collection, not choosing the correct lottery numbers, the list is infinite.

One member's account of dealing with depression

My mother once said to me “why is it you when you fall, you always land  on your feet?” Actually I always fall on my a**e, but I pull myself up again and face life head on. I finally faced up to having depression recently - I had ignored all the warning signs for too long - and if I’m honest, I’ve probably been suffering from depression for a long time. 

Did you really need to diet?

This month our resident GP talks to Wikizine readers about dieting... With the New Year firmly under way and our resolutions soon to become a distant memory, now is the time to examine an aim which is dear to so many hearts. Weight loss. 

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of our most precious resources. It is vital to our health and well-being. Just as we need food for energy, we need sleep to relax and recharge. During sleep the body renews its energy, releases growth hormones, and heals itself. In times of extreme stress sleep is one of the first things to become disrupted.

Moving On With Your Head Held High

This year has romped by for me. Within the space of a year, I’ve become a bone fide singleton through divorce, passed umpteen personal trainer and nutrition exams.

It is widely accepted that Divorce is one of the biggest challenges in your life and threatens your wellbeing, health, finances, other relationships, work environment and your career prospects. This article aims to point out how talking therapy in its various forms can help the “Divorce” journey run more smoothly. 

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