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Revitalise Your Life!

Revitalise Your Life!
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Guest Author

New guest writer Garth Delikan, the internationally acclaimed empowerment coach, offers a beautiful retreat opportunity! Once people find out what I do for a living it never ceases to amaze me that I always seem to get asked the same questions over and over again.

How do I get more focussed, how do I become more positive, I want to lose x amount of weight, I don’t know how to exercise properly or I hate the gym what else can I do, I’m really confused with all the nutritional advice out there, what’s good, what’s bad, do I avoid all fat, aren’t carbohydrates bad for me, how much protein do I need, why does starving myself make me fatter?

Since time immemorial these questions have been asked and answers seeked. It’s only human nature after all to follow the path of least resistance to find the easy way.

In truth if you’re looking for an easy and painless route to lasting change there isn’t one, for only by beginning to feel uncomfortable with what you have and being willing and able to go through significant emotional change can you hope to make the lasting changes that you require.

This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be fun though. I started thinking about how I could put all this information into one succinct package, how I could put the “fun” into it.


I decided to put all my vast knowledge and skill into what I call the Lifestyle Guy Retreat, a wonderful place which will take you away from the rigours and stresses of everyday life, somewhere to relax, somewhere in the sun and importantly, somewhere to be with like minded people.

Here is where the magic begins, here is where major changes occur, here is where the new powerful you is unleashed. Together we’ll embark on a journey of discovery and together we’ll discard anything that doesn’t need to be taken into your future. Dumping emotional baggage is not only fun it’s incredibly empowering and it’s also very easy, it’s all done in one or two sessions and accomplished completely “content free”.

I’ll be showing and teaching you the most cutting edge techniques to make huge changes in your emotions, eating habits and physical appearance. We’ll discover how to access any resource you need at any time, find out what your true values are and set goals accordingly so they follow your values and your true path of destiny.

It’s absolutely awesome to learn how to recognise and use body language, and how to build rapport with anyone easily and effortlessly. No more having to be shy in front of strangers, during presentations or with work colleagues or friends. Learn about how to use the hidden language patterns that make a successful person so confident and do all this in a fun and interactive way.

In short we are going to set you up for a life of magnificence! You will be in one short week be the master or mistress of your own destiny and gain the life, mindset, strategies, tools and body you’ve always wanted!


You’ll be waking up in the mornings in a beautiful villa set in the Andalucian Mountains, surrounded by olive groves with the sun coming up over the terrace. The beautiful pool is ideal for relaxing by and I’ll also take you through a daily guided workout routine that will fill you with unprecedented energy and begin to give you the body shape and you’ve always wanted for when you come back home.

Breathing is an oft neglected thing and yet can be one of the most invigorating and powerful things you can ever do. I’ll be showing you some incredibly empowering breathing techniques to calm and centre the mind and body or alternatively give you unlimited energy. You’ll be eating the finest foods and along the way I’ll be filling you with the knowledge that you need to change your eating habits forever.

I’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, you’ll never need go on another diet again as we will change your attitude and thought patterns towards food forever. Alongside all of this will be your own personal masseur to ease away any stresses and strains, aches or pains.

You’ll also be able to indulge yourself on the sun kissed terrace in the afternoons Hatha yoga class, a beautiful way to unwind the mind and release any lingering tensions in your body. This is a time to become one with your true powerful self and become one with nature as you take in the breathtaking scenery. There are trips out and a whole host of activities to be had or simply chill and relax by the pool or have a day on your own.

In short, you will come back home a changed person.

You will not only look different, you’ll feel different and you’ll be ready to embark on your new life adventure fully armed with all the knowledge and tools you’re ever going to need forever!

Remember...Destiny is not a matter of chance; take control of your own life now!

To visit Garth's website, click here.


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