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Divorce Spurred Me To Start My Own Business

The defining moment in my marriage came the night my father died. I hadn’t felt loved or cared about for, by my husband, in years. I knew then that I couldn’t spend the rest of my life married to him but I had a 12 year old daughter to care for. Three years later after two bouts of depression and counselling, I started to make plans in my head. I’d worked for a bank for 15 years prior to having my daughter but hadn’t worked since other than volunteering at her primary school. 

An Awfully Big Adventure

Starting a business is exciting, just as exciting, if not more, than going travelling and when you go travelling you need a plan of how it is all going to happen. Well you do if you don’t want to find yourself stuck somewhere unimaginable without funds or a clue how to get out of there, anyway! And it’s the same with your business.

Business Adventures in Social Media Land

A pal of mine announced this week on Facebook that the House DJ consortium KOTG (Keep Off The Grass) he heads up had ‘just discovered Twitter'. I was stunned.

Single Mum vs Entrepreneur

Suzy Miller is a single mother of three who created the first UK 'divorce fair' last March in Brighton, which was featured in Wogan's 'Thought For The Day' and received positive International Press coverage.

Using Social Media Successfully for Business

We’ve all heard about, that Social Media stuff, and it does seem if pretty much everyone is getting involved - well, it is social media after all. Yet the vast majority of companies still seem confused about how best to leverage Social Media for business. So what's it all about? And how do you best go about it?

An Interview with...

Wikizine talked to two of our own readers about their experiences of how divorce impacted on their careers. When a marriage, or any long-term relationship, breaks down, the repercussions can be traumatic. For some, especially those who chose to care for their family full-time, the financial implications can be devastating! 

13 Top Tips for Empire Builders

After a decade of building entrepreneurial dreams, this year I finally won the frequently fought 'burn out battle'. Here are my 13 top tips to help you do the same and so achieve more in less time and with less damage to yourself, your family and your income.

An Interview With Duncan Bannatyne

This month, Amanda interviewed Duncan Bannatyne, the richest of the 5 current Dragons on BBC’s Dragons' Den.

12 Essentials in Your Marketing Toolkit

When you ask most first-time small business owners, or wannabe small business owners, how they intend to get customers and sell their products or services, most answer 'advertising'.

Starting Your Own Business

Claire Burdett - Starting your own business is the dream of over half the population, and most  start ups are, at least initially, home businesses. For you to realise your dreams there are certain key issues that need to be considered because the businesses that succeed have one thing in common – they acknowledge the need for careful thought, planning, and guidance. Don’t try and do this all on your own!

10 Top Tips for Writing a Business eBook

Writing an ebook is one of the most powerful things you can do to sell your business, promote what you do, bring people to your website, and ultimately make money. Although it can seem daunting, it really isn’t. Here are my top tips to help you do it easily.

Selling the Easy Way

Claire Burdett shares her expertise on how to sell your product, with Wikizine's readers. Selling. Cold calling. Hard sell. The very words are enough to strike fear and loathing into the hearts of most Brits, not withstanding the peculiar brand of folk who seem to populate The Apprentice's boardroom on an annual basis.