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State Entitlements

The amount of tax credit you can claim depends on the number of children you look after and your household income. You may get extra if your child has a disability. If you work, you may be able to claim working tax credit, which, if you have children, can include help with childcare costs. To find out if you are eligible, visit benefits advisor page on Directgov.

If you were previously getting tax credits, you must tell the Tax Credits Office that you have separated and the amount of credits you get is likely to change. If you have not claimed credits before, you may now be eligible – see benefits advisor page on Directgov.

Whoever has the main day-to-day care of the children can claim (or continue to get) child benefit. You should contact the Child Benefit Office if you are not currently receiving this benefit and think you should be - see Directgov.

If your income is low, or you cannot work, for example because your children are very young, you may be able to claim other state benefits. Use Directgov's Benefits Advisor online toolor contact Jobcentre Plus to check that you are receiving everything you are entitled to – see Useful links.

Read how others coped:
'When I moved out, I reminded Sandy that she needed to tell the Tax Credits Office - we get child tax credit for the kids.
I remember reading on the Revenue website that you have to tell them within one month if you start or stop being a couple. I was worried that she - or more likely me - would end up with a bill for overpayments. In fact, she's told me that the tax credits have gone up.'

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