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Moving Out - Getting A New Home

Whatever your circumstances, deciding to move out is a big decision. You need to think about where you will go and whether you can afford to buy or rent a new property. Since you may not know what your financial position is going to be until after a financial settlement has been agreed or a court order made, you may want to stay where you are until then.

You may be able to move in with family or friends, but often you will be looking at buying or renting your own home. If you have children, you may need somewhere with enough space for your children either to live with you or to come to stay.

Moving out can have advantages. For example it can reduce stress and arguments. However, it also has disadvantages. For example, there will be the costs of two households to meet. You should take legal advice about these issues before deciding to move out.

Check whether you are eligible for state benefits to help with your housing costs (see Managing money – State entitlements and benefits).

If you jointly own a property, remember that it cannot be sold without your agreement, even if you are not actually living there.

Even if you move out of the family home you are likely to remain liable for the mortgage or rent and other outgoings with your spouse or civil partner.

Budgeting, bills & benefits
Buying a new home

There is a lot to think about when buying a new property.

Find out more about Buying a new home
If you rent your current home
Renting privately

You can rent directly from a landlord or through an agency.

Find out more about Renting privately
Tax issues
Renting from a council or housing association

If you have a limited income, you may be eligible to apply for council housing, or for housing through a housing association.

Find out more about Renting from a council or housing association 

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