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User Blogs E elizadoolittle Updated December 23, 2017
I remember of course the first Christmas after my ex took off. He'd left out of the blue at the end of November. Over xmas he was sunning himself in the Maldives (not that we knew that...
User Blogs R RockSteady Updated December 11, 2017
Its not the first time I have reflected on the challenging time of Christmas when people are / have experienced loss. You might recall how my first yuletide was spent alone in a dark room curled up in ball....
User Blogs I ignatz Updated December 23, 2017
Surprisingly common.  "Parental alienation is estimated to be present in 11%-15% of divorces involving children, a figure thought to be increasing. Other research has found that about 1% of children and adolescents in North America experience...
User Blogs I ignatz Updated November 18, 2017
Good news first- the family home is sold and I finally have funds to move on and get on with my life. The bad news- the cops are still refusing to throw out the Harassment Notice which...
User Blogs SF sun flower October 09, 2017
I haven't blogged for over a year.....I chill, I get used to my own comapay - I socialise with other 'crones' - a term of affection - really - and I tend to think I am ok - but an...
User Blogs R RockSteady Updated September 11, 2017
Like Dr Foster herself many of us will watch series two and the unfolding drama will remind us of de stabling times in our own lives. Thank fully we don't have to experience the reality of living through our...
User Blogs G greycylinder July 30, 2017
Hi, I have never written a blog before but one of the lovely, kind moderators on here suggested it might be a good thing to do to try to help make sense of this horrible situation and my...
User Blogs Z Zozoo July 10, 2017
So today I came home from a weekend at the besties,  and decided to finally ask the question that's been on my mind for weeks. 'Where's the 30k going then?' Rewind a few weeks... ...
User Blogs 7 7yellowflowers Updated July 03, 2017
i am writing an article on challenging legal fees and am trying to do some research on cases or case studies.  if anyone has links or successful cases it would be a great help
User Blogs E Exboxwon June 24, 2017
Feeling so tearful today, so angry, don't feel valid, even doubting my validity here in this space.  People have it worse than me, I shouldn't be bleating about being hurt... who am I to take up room. ...
7998 results - showing 21 - 30
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