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User Blogs G greycylinder July 30, 2017
Hi, I have never written a blog before but one of the lovely, kind moderators on here suggested it might be a good thing to do to try to help make sense of this horrible situation and my...
User Blogs Z Zozoo July 10, 2017
So today I came home from a weekend at the besties,  and decided to finally ask the question that's been on my mind for weeks. 'Where's the 30k going then?' Rewind a few weeks... ...
User Blogs 7 7yellowflowers Updated July 03, 2017
i am writing an article on challenging legal fees and am trying to do some research on cases or case studies.  if anyone has links or successful cases it would be a great help
User Blogs E Exboxwon June 24, 2017
Feeling so tearful today, so angry, don't feel valid, even doubting my validity here in this space.  People have it worse than me, I shouldn't be bleating about being hurt... who am I to take up room. ...
The Ex Box Won - Game Over
User Blogs E Exboxwon Updated June 22, 2017
New to this site and realising I feel too ashamed and embarrassed to tell my friends and family about my ex partner's issues with online gaming.  Things came to an end on Monday.  He packed his bags with his...
User Blogs M MPcannotcope Updated May 16, 2017
So now it feels like dark clouds are gathering.  The only thing that seems to help me are the happy pills and the support from a couple of close friends.  My parents and siblings just want to see a big...
User Blogs I ignatz Updated November 23, 2020
Because signing a Police Information Notice does not mean admitting any wrongdoing, there is no right of appeal. In 2015, a government report acknowledged that the lack of any procedure for appealing against a PIN "can feel...
User Blogs D Dotti6157 April 11, 2017
well I set of last sunday 1t 0400 in the cold and drove the 10 hours to my FMH and supprisingly i was greeted with a smoile and the offer of a cup of tea, Unfortunatley that was the...
User Blogs D Dotti6157 March 30, 2017
I am all set to travel back to Wiltshire and I will be staying at the former MH and my STBX will also be there. I am hoping and praying she doesnt start her taunting sdhe...
User Blogs M Magoou3 March 24, 2017
Hi. Can any one please give me some direction?? I have been split from my husband for 3 years. We still have not reached a finashal settlement. This has allowed me to save money post divorce as I work pt...
8002 results - showing 31 - 40
« 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... »