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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Obiter (Latin: short for obiter dicta, “things said in passing”)

Asides, illustrations, analogies, individual opinions and references to prior decisions within a judgment.


To comply with (a court order).

Occupation Order

Injunctive order which regulates the occupation of a property in some way.

Official Copy

Copy of an official document supplied and marked as such by the office which issued the original.

Official Solicitor

Lawyer invited to act on behalf of a litigant when he lacks the mental capacity to represent himself.


In the Scots courts, a judgment.

Options Hearing

In Scotland, the first hearing in divorce, financial and children’s proceedings.

Ordinary Procedure

One of the two procedures for divorce in the Scots jurisdiction.


Ordinary Residence

Out-dated concept referring to a person’s abode in a particular place or country.


Abbreviation of “others”.


Abbreviation of “otherwise”.


When the time limit for completing a particular legal procedure is exceeded.

Overriding Objective

The requirement that the Court deals with a case ‘justly, having regard to any welfare issues involved’.