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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Ratio (Latin: short for rationes decidendi, meaning ‘the rationale for the decision’)

That part of a judgment which contains the judge’s reasoning and which may set a precedent.

Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders (REMO)

Process by which maintenance orders issued in one jurisdiction may be registered and enforced in another.


Item of background information placed at the top of an order which does not constitute part of the order itself.


Solicitor or barrister who sits part-time as a judge.

Recovery Order

Court order made to parents, police or social services to locate a child and return him to those with parental responsibility.


To disqualify a judge from presiding over a case on the grounds of prejudice or personal involvement.


Permanent removal of a child by a parent from one location to another.

Res Judicata (Latin: ‘a matter judged’)

A matter the Court has already judged and which cannot be judged again.


For a judge to assign a case to himself so that no other judge may hear it. Alternatively, to hand down a judgment at a later date rather than deliver it on the day.

Reserved Legal Activity

One of six legal activities reserved to authorised persons and which it is a criminal offence for a non-authorised person to perform.


The status of a parent with whom a child lives; replaced “custody” in 1989, but now obsolete since 2014.

Synonyms - Accommodation, Address
Residual Jurisdiction

Authority over a case which a court can assume if a party does not have his habitual residence in a member state and no member state has jurisdiction.


Party to whom the order applied for will apply.

Synonyms - Applicant
Revised Family Law Programme

Scheme of case management introduced in April 2010 and designed to reduce demand for and pressure on CAFCASS and the family justice system and to expedite the progress of cases through the system.

Right of Audience

The right to directly address the Court, make oral submissions or examine witnesses.