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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Safeguarding Letter

Letter produced to the Court by CAFCASS at the FHDRA to identify safety issues relating to the child. Formerly known as a Schedule 2 Letter.

Schedule of Deficiencies

List of discrepancies and missing information provided during ancillary relief proceedings.

Scott Schedule

Commonly used document set out as a table in which the respondent addresses allegations made.


Mark placed on a document by the court to indicate that the court has issued it.

Sears Tooth Agreement

Deed between litigant and solicitor that assigns all or part of a capital settlement to the solicitor to cover legal fees.

Section 11 Order

In Scotland, the equivalent of an English/Welsh Section 8 Order; it may be for Residence, Contact, Specific Issues or an Interdict similar to a Prohibited Steps Order.

Section 17 Assessment

Initial assessment undertaken by social services when parents request their involvement.

Section 20 Agreement

Voluntary agreement made by parents that a child should be taken into local authority accommodation.

Section 37 Report

Local authority investigation into a child’s welfare ordered by the judge as part of ongoing family proceedings.

Section 47 Report

Report undertaken by local authority into a child’s welfare to determine whether safeguarding action should be taken.

Section 7 Report

Report ordered by the Court from CAFCASS in order to determine the welfare issues of a case.

Section 8 Order

A court order regulating parental responsibility; it may be for (or to vary) Prohibited Steps, Specific Issues or Child Arrangements.

Section 91(14) Order

Order prohibiting the party to whom it applies from making further applications, or applications of a particular kind, for the duration of the order without leave of the Court.

Section 97 Prohibition

Prohibition preventing the identification of children in proceedings.

Seek & Locate Order

Order requiring a named party to disclose the whereabouts of a child.