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Any Help please

  • ardmore
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29 Mar 22 #519059 by ardmore
Topic started by ardmore
Hi looking any advice on the following pleaseWill try and condense this to make easy reading Was married for 25 years two girls aged 7 and 11Separated coming up for 3 years now and for last 12 months going round in circles trying to get her to get legal advice on how to get a financial agreement set up and divorce pushed through.Wife stopped working 11 years ago but was a director in my LTD company business for financial benefits Wife put her savings (250k) money towards a 6 bedroom property with the thought that she would be asking her elderly mother and father stay with her when they went into ill health. She put the house in her name £170K mortgage house value is £450K.They are now refusing to move in with her and would rather go into care.The original plan was to sell the second home in both names (280K) and pay off the mortgage £170K -We had been having issues for years and I moved back to the old property which I remain to this day. This property in in joint namesI have been putting all my income into a joint account to which she has had full access to and we both just take what we need. I have not paid child maintenance as no requirement until now as she has had access to my salary around £90K pa .She has no income and has not made any effort to get any job.Now that I am asking for a financial disclosure to her (30 years bank pension ) and other possible stashed money she has spat the dummy out and trying to stop me seeing the girls and refusing to get any legal advice My solicitor has been given all my financial info and I told her to get the ball moving pronto as I want a divorce ASAPI have the following -150K savings100K in pensions I have no problem giving her money but does she really need to stay in a 6 bedroom house with just her and two kids Will the court decided this is too luxurious .She has been sending me demanding threats that she wants our property sold and she wants 50% and money for her mortgage as well as money for girlsWhat’s everyone thoughts on what we are both entitled tooI would like to take full ownership of my property and willing to giver her a settlement but not sure what this will be ??
I don’t want her pension just her to come forward to ensure I know what’s in her pot etc So frustrating Thanks for any advice

  • hadenoughnow
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02 Apr 22 #519078 by hadenoughnow
Reply from hadenoughnow
Financial settlement on divorce is based on needs first. S 6 bed housd clearly exceeds needs. It could only be retained if she has the means to do so. This isn't something you would be expected to fund.
After a long marriage the start point for division is 50:50. Contributions may be taken into account if there is more than enough in the pot to meet your respective needs.


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