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What is the process?

This process for this service is as follows:


1) Find Out More: Call one of our experienced Advisors who can answer all your questions about the service and whether it is suitable for you. Our lines are open every day until 8pm. Please feel free to call us on 01202 805020 or 0800 44 88 66 44


2) Agree To Arbitrate: If you are interested in arbitration then we would be happy to help you to discuss the option of arbitration with your spouse. We would be happy to contact your spouse by email or telephone, and provide them with information on how the service works. Alternatively we can provide you with an email template to forward on to them. Once you have both researched the option fully then there will come a decision point where you both need to commit to arbitration as a process.


3) Place Order: Once you have decided to go ahead with the service you need to place an order and pay the 10% reservation fee. Click the "Order Now" button below to place an order on our website, or to order over the phone call our helpline.


4) Sign Application for Family Arbitration Form: Arbitration is a formal legal process and both parties are commiting to be bound by the arbitrators decision. Both parties will need to sign a application form called ARB1FS to commit themselves to the arbitration process. The arbitrator will confirm their acceptance of the joint appointment and the arbitration process can begin.


5) Key Milestone Dates Agreed: A schedule of key dates will be agreed. One key date will be the deadline for the submission of written evidence/argument. In the case of arbitration by way of a live hearing then the hearing date will be set.


6) Pay Balance of Arbitrators Fees: The balance of the arbitrators fees to be paid by bank transfer by one or both parties (as agreed) no less than 3 weeks ahead of the hearing or arbitrators review.


7) Documents Submitted:  By the agreed date both parties (or their legal representatives) will submit the required documents to the arbitrator. These documents include financial disclosure, position statements and legal arguments.


8a) Arbitrators Review: For option 1 (arbitration by written submission) the arbitrator will consider the documents submitted by both parties. If necessary and appropriate they may seek clarification (by email) from either party on facts which they are unclear about. The arbitrator will make a final decision.


8b) Hearing: For option 2, the arbitrator will travel to sit at the live hearing which will take place at a location convenient to the two parties. The arbitrators travel and accommodation costs will be charged at cost to be paid by the two parties. Both parties must attend the hearing and may (if they choose) be accompanied by and represented by their choice of legal counsel (typically a solicitor or barrister). Legal representation by solicitor or barrister can be arrange for either party through Wikivorce at a separate cost. The expected duration of the hearing will be agreed in advance but is likely to be between 2 hours and a full day (though this can be exceeded in complex cases). By the end of the hearing the arbitrator will make a final decision.


9) Decision Provided In Writing: Both parties will be provided with a written report containing the arbitration decision. The decision is binding and final in much the same way as a decision made by a judge at a final hearing in court.


10) Consent Order Submitted To Court: The final step in arbitration is to make the decision into an enforcable court order - this is done by drafting a Consent Order, signing it and submitting it to a family court.