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What is the legal process?

Our partner law firm will manage your whole case from start to finish, including completing all of the necessary legal forms and submitting your case to court. To begin the process simply place an order online or speak to one of our expert advisors on our free telephone helpline.

Note: If you have already submitted the petition we will skip step 1 below and start from step 2.


1) Submit Petition: We submit the deemed service application and divorce petition document to the court. At this point you need to pay a £550 court fee (unless you are exempt due to low income).


2) Obtain Copy Of Paperwork from Court: We will write to the court to request that they send us a copy of the divorce petition and acknowledgement of service paperwork that needs to be sent to the respondent.

solicitor-suit.jpg 3) Process Serving: If your spouse fails to respond to the court then we will arrange for a second copy of the divorce papers to be delivered to them by hand by a court baliff or process server.
write-form.jpg 4) Application for Deemed Service: If your spouse still fails to respond then we will apply to court for a judge's approval to progress with the divorce without the repondent having acknowledged or consented to the divorce.

5) Decree Nisi: We will then apply to the court for a Decree Nisi, a judge will review the application and provided everything is in order then the divorce will proceed and a date will be set for the pronouncement of  the Decree Nisi.


6) Decree Absolute: The Decree Absolute is the final certificate that legally ends the marriage. We can apply for this on your behalf 6 weeks after the Decree Nisi.