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Who is the service suitable for?

Arbitration is a relatively new method of resolving disputes over divorce finances. It is an alternative to traditional options such as to mediation or 'going to court'. Our arbitration service is for suitable for divorcing or separating couples who are unable to agree on a fair financial settlement, and who would like a qualified expert (family court judge) to make a ruling.

There are many benefits to arbitration, not least that it enables even complex and highly contested cases to be settled quickly, fairly and at a reasonable cost.

It is in many ways preferable to going through the court system which can take 12 months or more and cost tens of thousands of pounds.

It is most suited to couples who, despite their differences, are able to agree to submit their case to be finally resolved by a jointly appointed arbitrator.

You can only use arbitration if your spouse agrees to the process, and if you both agree to be bound by the outcome. This clearly means that some couples locked in bitter and highly contested cases may find themselves unable to agree to use arbitration as a dispute resolution process.

It is also probably not suitable for cases where there is a major dispute over financial disclosure and claims that one side is hiding or transferring assets. It is more suited to cases where the financial disclosure between the two parties is largely agreed, and where the main disagreement is in how the assets, income and debts (if any) should be fairly divided.