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Who is this service suitable for?

This particular divorce service has been designed for people who want to get divorced, but who are fairly certain that their spouse will NOT agree to the divorce. In this situation you can still get a divorce if the reason given for the divorce is either "Unreasonable Behaviour" or "5 Years Separation". (You will probably not be able to get a divorce on grounds of "adultery" or "2 year separation" as they require your spouse's consent).

If think that your spouse will agree to the divorce then you can use our uncontested divorce service.

If you are unsure whether or not your spouse will sign the divorce papers, then we suggest that you start with the uncontested divorce service. If they acknowledge receipt and sign the papers you will have nothing further to pay, and if they don't then you can always come back to this page and order Option 2 (above) to push the divorce through.