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Preventing your child from being taken overseas without your permission

If you fear that your child may be removed from England & Wales it is important to urgently make contact with a specialist solicitor. There are number of immediate actions that can be taken to lessen the risk of abduction if you have parental responsibility such as arranging for a port alert where there is an imminent threat of abduction.

preventing-child-abduction-denied-passport.jpgOther actions that can be taken may include the safeguarding of the child's passport and preventing a further passport being issued or applying for a prohibited steps order.

If you think that there is a danger of your child being removed but the danger is not immediate you need to consider whether it is worth getting a solicitor to write a letter to your ex partner to try and prevent the same.

 If immediate action needs to be taken then you will need to consider obtaining a prohibited steps order or a wardship order depending on where your child is going to travel to.

You can also contact the national ports authority in certain circumstances.

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Useful Resources

These organisations provide specialist support and advice to parents dealing with the issue of child abduction.

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