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Relationships Scotland - Counselling

Relationships Scotland - Counselling

Relationship Counselling, is as it says, counselling to help people with their relationships. This might be to work through difficulties in current relationships; to explore the effects of past relationships or to look at how to improve and enrich relationships for the future.

You can come for Relationship Counselling on your own or with your partner; whatever you decide, you will be offered space and time to explore your concerns and difficulties with a counsellor trained to work with couple relationships.

Relationship Counselling is provided throughout Scotland by counsellors working in local Relationships Scotland counselling centres. The counsellors work with individuals and couples across a very wide range of difficulties; from difficult communication to dealing with affairs; from sexual difficulties through to dealing with the end of a relationship. The range of situations is endless and no two situations are ever the same; however, what links all these people and their difficulties is that they want to try and do something about them. Whether it's being able to talk more openly together, to re-build their relationships or to part on better terms. That desire to do something, even if they don't know what it is that needs to be done, is what prompts them to contact their local Relationships Scotland centre. What they find at their local centre will be an understanding of how difficult relationships can be; space and time to talk to someone trained and skilled in working with relationship difficulties and the opportunity to look at their situation in different ways.

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