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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Taking a Case Out of the List

Removal of a hearing from that day’s schedule.


Level of contact ordered by the Court.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Model of jurisprudence in which the traditional role of a court is discarded and the judge’s role is not to uphold justice and the rule of law but to secure the best therapeutic outcome for the client.


Point at which the neglect or ill-treatment of a child justifies the mandatory intervention of the state.


Enforcement officer of the high court.

Tomlin Order

Form of consent order designed to stay further action, but which is enforceable by either party if the other defaults.


Official verbatim text version of a judgment.

Transfer of Proceedings

Change of proceedings from one court to another

Transfer of Residence

Child Arrangements Order which reverses the roles of the resident and non-resident parents.

Turnbull Direction

A judge’s caveat that an eye-witness’s identification of an individual may not always be reliable and will depend on a number of variables.