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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Ultra Vires

(Latin: “beyond the powers”) decision made beyond the jurisdiction of the Court.


provision of legal services in which the traditional full service is broken down into “discrete acts of legal assistance”.


Solemn written promise made to the Court that a party will do or not do a specified act.

Unilateral Divorce

Decision to end a marriage made by one spouse only and without reference to the other.


Signifies a party who cannot be doubted, questioned or criticised.


Without merit; especially of unmarried fathers, to justify the denial of automatic Parental Responsibility; also used of an application deemed to be without prospect of success.

Unreasonable behaviour

This is the 'catch-all' reason used when none of the other reasons for divorce apply. It is probably the most common reason given for divorce because: a) it allows you to begin a divorce immediately and b) you don't need your spouse to admit to the unreasonable behaviour (unlike adultery) and so they cannot block the divorce.