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The first element of the divorce is the legal process to end the marriage. The first step is to submit a Divorce Petition to the court. The overall process usually takes 12 to 16 weeks, after which the court will issue a Divorce Absolute - the  final certificate that formally and legally ends the marriage.    

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(Divorce Petition and
Statement Of Arrangements)
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The second element is to agree care and contact arrangements for the children. This is done by drafting and agreeing a document called a Statement of Arrangements for the children. We can draft one of these based on your joint input and submit it along with the divorce petition.


The third element is to agree a fair financial settlement. This covers the division of assets such as the house, cars, pensions and savings. It also covers any child or spousal maintenance. To ensure that you do not leave yourself open to future financial claims (for example if one of you wins the lottery) - we strongly recommend that you get your financial agreement finalised as a court approved Consent Order.


Consent Order

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