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2nd Court Date This Friday

R Updated
Long time no speaky... I've been getting on with 'LIFE' with relative success I guess. Still got my job and now amazingly possibly gettinga promotion. Joined the Meet Up's website and been very busy doing photography clubs so thats got me a whole new social circle and a real creative outlet! Met some great people through this and I'm amazed more people don't do it. it's a great way to belong... Looking for a new place as the current one is on the market. I've got my 2nd court appearance Friday..in Wandsworth. First one the stbx placed in Surrey for some stupid reason (probably because she knew it would cost me an arm and a leg in solicitors feee's). Had to cash in an 18 year endowment to pay the legal bill so far!! I lost a lot of sleep over that. The money could have paid for my daughters weddding one day!! but its gone. I did splash out on some new camera gear too though. I figured I owed it to myself after 18 years of saving! It's still really scary! I know whatever house/flat I buy I'll not be able to afford to keep it when ir etire. i'll have to sell. But then again I'll want to go into the countryside and spend my time painting and photographing..maybe teach the same. Who knows. If the panic attacks aren't a warning that i need to watch my stress levels..i may not amke it to retirement! Kind of scary to wake up with a tight chest..even though i cycle a lot i have been hitting the bottle a lot too and put on a stone or more.. and the %:2 I was doing went out the window...But today I fast! So game not over yet! So here we go.. big week. Please let the judge be sympathetic!!

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Hope it was not too bad for you. :)
Good luck run4...
A big ditto... Mine is on the horizon. Tight chest yes, cutting down on the beers and out and about a bit more.

However you can't help but worry when your life is in someone else's hands.

Fingers crossed for you.
Best of luck for Friday Run.
Glad to hear your getting out there.
Thank you for telling us that meet ups are good. I have registered but not been brave enough to go yet so maybe I should. As a weight watchers member maybe I can recommend that, my leader has been a real support to me even when the weight change is in the wrong direction! Best of luck on Friday. I've had panic attacks too, horrible. I did have to resort to medication but seems ok now. Moving house is stressful enough without all the rest of it.Deep breaths on Friday
Meet Up's have changed my life for the better as I'm quite a gregarious person these days but work in a place where I tend to see the same faces every day... funny. I was so shy as a teenager/young man... just goes to show..we can change!!
Thanks for the comment..www.meetup.com check them out
Well done for getting on with life Run4it! That's what it's all about when we are ready. Hope you get the promotion and that all goes as well as possible on Friday. The photography meetup group sounds great.