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A connected world??

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It's a Saturday night and how can you you feel so lonely - it's a connected world!!! Really?? Whilst the working week manages to keep many thoughts temporarily "at bay" it's the weekends that are, for me the killer. It's when the reality of my sad situation comes to the fore - what have the last 20+ years been for? Two great adult (early 20's) kids who are my absolute pride and joy - have I failed them at the last hurdle?? 
The w/e gives even greater time to ponder on what has been, what is and what will become........so many questions, so many fears!!!!!

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Hi I totally understand where you're at. Work helped me during the week as it was a normal routine. However the weekends were the killer and sometimes filled with loneliness. If you are able to try and fill your time with things for you. If you have a good network of friends and family lean on them. Can you find a new interest or hobby that's the advice I was given. Are you able to exercise as this will lift any low mood and it does work. Good luck