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A good place to be...

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Here I am again, writing away, although today I have understood my pain and have accepted. Have gone through all the various stages of grieving, my counsellor said treat it like it is a death, difficult though when the guy is still shouting abusive words at you given the opportunity. I feel a lot lighter now that I have my mind focused on the future. Accepting change is always a big challenge to people like me, we like our set ways... However, change can be good, so for those of you who are grieving today remember things always change, and yes it's true there is a silver lining in every cloud. I find myself getting my confidence back, dressing up again and laughing again. I do not know about tomorrow no one really ever does but I am in a good place today and I value it. X has stopped speaking to me today instead of feeling, like my world is falling apart I am feeling ahhhhhh some peace at last. Isn't it a beautiful thing? Peace and how we take it for granted. I hope through this I have become wiser and stronger, but love does do strange things to people..

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Sounds like a good place to be, try and stay there, or at least remember how to get back there easily. Glad you are there Couki. Life's too short.
A good message for all there.

I am glad that you sound so much calmer and composed.

I will catch you later on the chat room perhaps.
Glad that you are feeling better, you mention a counsellor is that something you have been doing to help you understand your feelings? I ask because i think that maybe i might benefit from having some counselling, extb and i were attending relate before he left so i thought i might go on my own!
I have long past the grieving stage now , i think i'm on the being mellow stage , with a little bit of anger still there proberbly as me and the ex don't speak to each other anymore , which at times is pure bliss, Next time if there is a next time i hope the same mistakes don't happen , but i have got that little older now and hopefully a little wiser too.Today i please myself and only my myself and look forward to what ever my next chapter is life is going to be.
Hi Couki

Glad you are having a peaceful day - just take metal photos of how you feel and remember them on bad days.

Hope all stay calm and peaceful for you