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T Updated

After reading th epost about being alone I thought Id post this. This is something I wrote a while back in the darker days to my web site


Living alone is the same for all

An absolute with no adornment.

Listening to the crescendo of silence

We flee to work or play

Circuit the routine of the day.

Deadly dull

When night comes

Keep the demons at bay.

Prepare the food

The drink

The music

And retire to think.

Shall we listen to our divided selves

The metronome of all our fears?

Can we denigrate that intrusive voice

Beating in our ears

Marking time in limbo

We revise things gone.

How we loved

But didn't.

What we had but let go.

Things we should have done

But couldn't.

Words left unsaid.


Is not to trust in love.

To trust in love

Is to reaffirm

The central core

Of ones being.

Once gone

It cannot be restored



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Max, absolutely spot on - what is life without trust? Excellent piece. Thank you! Delighted that you have started to find some happiness in your own life, showing the rest of us apprehensive and frankly terrified newly singletons that there is hope beyond the decree absolute. Keep inspiring us all! Take care, Mike