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Am I way off the mark????

H Updated

In reading other peoples blogs here I'm beginning to wonder if our financial settlement was unusual.

We owned our house outright.When he chose to leave , we split cars, savings etc right down the middle.Our pensions remain the right of its owner and should be worth roughly equal.I continue to pay our life insurances.If /when they pay out they will be split and saved for the children.

In order to let him buy a house I gave him( mortgaged the house) 1/3 of its value .He was happy enough to accept this.Now we both have mortgages of roughly the same amount.

We have two children under 16-He pays me £200pcm for their living expenses, clothes, etc...if I ask he'll give me someting towards clothes etc but I don't often ask.

I earn about 1/3 more than him.I don't really want any more because I manage .

However, I think he's starting to think he agreed to the house agreement in haste when in fact I was very accommodating in letting him move on and buy somewhere decent to live.

Am I way off the mark?????

I live in Scotland - the house is now solely in my name and we have a minute of agreement.



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I think that arrangement sounds more than fair. I'm hopeful that we can come to some sort of similar arrangement, although we have negative equity in our home.

I'm afraid to go the full custody/child support battle, as that will just make for bad blood and difficulty in child exchange visits.

I also know that my x2b agreed to some support in her previous divorce and no longer pays a penny to her 1st husband for her child.

hrm - there is no right or wrong in my opinion. I think every 2 people need to come to agreement or let the court settle it. I'm hoping for the agreement part, but fear the court will be involved eventually.